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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A New Look

Sometimes a little courage and a little self-confidence can do it, you see I never have had a semi-skinhead cut, ever! I am always scared as to how it would turn out or how will I look. Being slim and all, I am scared to look like Mac in the "Mac and Me" movie I saw years ago.
One summer night, I am feeling itchy and sweaty due to heat, uncomfortable and all, I went out of the apartment and went straight to the barber. Along the way I was thinking of what kind of haircut to have, and I noticed most of the men I met along the way are skinheaded or semi-skinheaded, we call it the No.2 cut. (Maybe because of the upcoming Ramadan, those who went to Umra, has to have their hair on their head razored clean (all the hair on their body for that matter, too). So a thought began to play in my head.
When I reached the barbershop, the Pakistani barber was busy with another customer having his head shaved, then, my heart started to beat faster, and something in my mind tells me to have the same, but somewhere a voice also tells me no. Outside the barber shop I was pacing here and there, deciding on going through it or not. Then, a father and son, I think they're Syrian, passed me by and both had the same cut, and the little boy is so cute, and I took it as a sign to have the same.
Thirty minutes later and after a heart pumping moment; seeing myself in the mirror slowly losing my locks; catching them fall on my lap; playing them in my hands; how thick and black they were; I went out of that shop light-headed, literally.
The wind blowing on my head feels like a breath of fresh air, I thought to myself, this wasn't too bad, I am guessing. The verdict would be when I come to the office the next day, but who cares, I think I look fine. So there, maybe a new look would bring fresh inspiration and new beginnings, I am praying it would.

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