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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday Reflections

Who says Holy Week cannot be felt and celebrated in the Middle East?

Last night, Good Friday, after our usual Rosary, my friend Ivy and I reflected and prayed the Station of the Cross, with her handy Handbook, and what seems to be an ordinary expression of our gratitude and thankfulness to Jesus, became very personal to the both of us.

Every station has a reflection that we read alternately, and each reflection struck us in a way that we both felt through the bone. She even had to excuse herself in the middle of prayer on the 5th or 6th station, just to comment on how very personal and real the words were.

It's as if God is saying to us things we needed to hear.

Like on forgiveness, judging others, on handling problems, being true to oneself, the importance of inner beauty, selflessness, being kind and things like these which also made me think of a famous slogan a few years back among the Christians "WWJD" or simply "What Would Jesus Do?"

Yes, in every station, it says what Jesus did with every situation we go through our lives. Being holy and humble that He is, He set us an example that as a God that became Human and lived among us, He knows how we felt, He knows our sufferings and He understands. Maybe that is why He said to cast our burdens upon Him and He will give us rests, for He is our Savior and we just have to rest our worries and problems in Him and He'll take care of everything.

"Nakakalokah!" we exclaim.

So in the end, it was a good, Good Friday indeed and what a way to end the weekend here in Riyadh.


  1. Hey, FINALLY pwede na ako mag commetn!...for starters, NAKAKALOKAH talaga to the max yung Station of the Cross natin last night! I still couldn't get over it

  2. Sa sobrang excitement, mali tuloy spelling ko ng comment..hahahahaha

  3. Nakaka-inggit naman ang barkadahan nyo...I attended a mass for Good Friday and Easter, pero honestly, I didn't feel the same awakening as you did.

    Happy easter!