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Friday, February 25, 2011

No Regrets

Back from a month long hiatus, been busy with work and other stuff (basically nothing that interesting and most of the time just bumming around, too lazy for reasons even I could not understand), well anyway, been listening to this song over and over to the point of memorizing each line, it's called No Regrets by Robbie Williams,

No regrets / they don't work
No regrets / they only hurt
Sing me a love song
Drop me a line
Suppose it's just a point of view
But they tell me I'm doing fine

I tried to recall the things I have done in my life that I should be regretting, like a movie in my mind I rewinded and forwarded each event, every memory I could search in the deepest caverns of my mind, and hoping that there are things that I did that was significantly regretable. I saw and found very few. So I tried again, same way, still the same events stood out.

You see I rarely regret things I did, say and do. One of my views in life was if I did it, I'd stood by it. I may say sorry if I hurt someone, but what's done is done and we can never take it back. Words said, and didn't say, acts done and did not done at all. Bottom line, it's a choice, we either choose what is right and what is wrong, that simple.

Whatever consequence our choices would bring, we just have to accept it, if it hurts, sulk on it and then move on; if it brings happiness, wallow in it and then off to another, again that simple.

Yes, there were a few events and things that I regret, but the harm was done and I just moved on. I could mention a few like if I could only be more closer to my father things would have been different today, or if I finished my studies my life would have been a little easier. Nevertheless, like what I just mentioned, what's done is done.

My life is not that great, but it's my life. Am I happy with it and the result of the choices I made? Sometimes, and I do try, but no regrets. Given the chance would I make the same choices I made? I may.

There are still many choices to be made, each minute, each hour and each day, for the rest of my life. Whatever choice I make, I'll stick it out and just live it.

I heard somewhere that life is too short to regret, and it is. Our lifespan is getting shorter and shorter, why waste regretting for the remaining days?

No regrets. Not that much. No regrets, not to anything, because at that point in time, it was exactly what I wanted.