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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dream Once More

Cold wind blows, lifting the fine red sands.
The moon is waning on the evening sky,
I leave my body and my soul ascends.
I went high, until I can see no more.

Space, above the clouds, above the world,
Where angels roam and dreams soar!
My soul needs a touch, needs an embrace.
Where art thou this blessed soul!

Slowly I descend, and back to my world.
The air still is cool, sands hurt my eyes now.
I turn to go inside the shelter,
Where I will lay and dream once more.

World Peace

Another year is about to end, how time flies, and its been another fruitful year. Though it's a little early to contemplate but this year had been all about learnng about myself and and my inner self.

Meeting a total stranger started it all, that Singapore trip last March was fated and that stranger had awaken my slumbering spirit and move it in a way I am forever grateful.

I am still amazed about the turn of events since that time, add to it the works of amazing positive people in the form of their books like The Secret, How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Power of Now, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, The Power and documentaries based on the studies of Erich Von Daniken and the one called Zeitgeist.

These works had led me to believe that the world and the universe and we, humans were all connected. We are the living testimonies of the amazing culmination of events and energy. We are divine and we have the power and the ability to turn the world around if we only know how to use it and if only more and more people become sensitive enough to the things that are happening around them.

We can do something, and it doesn't matter who we are, where we are or what situation we are in right now, what's important is to start now, and it will begin with just a thought. A change of thinking, and everything will just follow.

Another influencial reading would be the Apocryphal books like The Book of Enoch, The Gospel of Judas and the Gospel of Mary. It is spiritually engaging, reading these books. There were knowledge instore in these writings which to me, clears some of my questions about God, Jesus and the Bible.

I do believe in God, and I of course believe in Jesus and His works. But I am in between any religious affinity.

Working and living in the Middle East, learning about Mohammad, the Prophet gave me a different perspective and outlook towards our Muslim brothers. I learned that the Five Pillars of Islam which is the foundaton of their religion is not far from what Jesus taught. It amazes me that misunderstandings and misinterpretations leads to war and confusion when it is all very simple: LOVE GOD and LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Man still has a long, long way to go before man reach that level of thinking and a deeper sense of spirituality and a bigger heart, until then we can only hope that one day, WORLD PEACE.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Friendship Gone Wrong

I had a close male friend.

We've been through , not a lot, but some issues and we worked it out. We share what we have, we laugh, we play, we talk a lot, and I mean A LOT.

He became like a brother to me.

There was a part of his life that he let me in. Matters of the heart.
As he seeks advice and help, being like a big brother, I offered my words of wisdom.
But as I got deeper and deeper into his heart, and not to mention his mind, let's just say I saw it coming, I came to realize that he is not the person I expected him to be.

He became as stranger.

I've learned that he had this dark side of him that is, well, not scary, but conflicted.

He does not know himself at all and what he taught is good is actually not.
Yes, I was there, caught in the middle of it and I tried not to lose myself into losing the guy to his self-generated destruction. I extended my help as deeper as he allowed me to go. I adviced, suggested, brought positivity, supported emotionally and what have you.

And then it dawned on me he felt I overstepped, or I thought I overstepped the boundaries of being a good friend. I started to feel a distance, coldness and silence. See, I am a person who reads the signs, the signals and feel things, these helped me a lot in my day to day existence, but getting back, I didn't wondered why actually. Like what I've mentioned, I already see it coming.

What I thought was brotherly love the guy took it negatively. All the while when I thought he was listening and agreeing with me and helping him get through his life, it was taken negatively. I became the overbearing big brother~! God! I am the bad guy, I am the meddlesome friend who only wanted to show him a better way to live his life. I became all these oddly, with his persmission!

I thought of talking it out with him, but sensing that it will be just one big waste of time, I decided not to.

It HURTS. It does but what else can I do, I did my best to straighten him up, but he still chose to bend. He does not want to see himself through me. He hates it. He doesn't want to be reminded about his undecisiveness, his messed up mind, his lies, his pretentions, his immaturity, his impulsiveness, his outlook in life in general, cause to him, he is a great guy.

And who doesn't think 'bout being great? But great people listened to criticism and turn these into something greater about themselves.

So, what to do? Let him be. Just simply let him be.

It hurts, I am letting it go. He can have his life back, without me in it. We are still friends, but I am not letting myself in again, even if he forces me to.

Just When I Am About To Bear A Grudge

I am feeling a little down today, I just need to let it out, not that I am sulking on the feeling, but I am a bit disappointed and sad. I tried my best to be cool and forget the whole issue. So like everyone else, I posted it on Facebook. Then as a subscriber to "God Wants You To Know" I curiously checked what God do wanted me to know and AMEN, I got an answer, to my surprise, exactly what I needed to know.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Secret

I went for a brief leave blogging due to a lack of internet connection and also kind of took the time to follow up on my reading, hanging out with close friends amongst other things.

I have recently read this so called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and it was a very enlightening experience. In the book, the author and a bunch of people who made names and succeeded in their respective careers shared "the secret" to a better life, a great future and lasting happiness. I won't, of course reveal what "the secret" was as I would like you to find out for yourselves, but trust me, you'll never be the same again.

"The Secret" is a book to read regardless where you are in your life right now. It doesn't even matter what age you are too, the important thing is to act on a certain impulse you have that had been kept on hold for a thousand of reasons probably, starting from lack of self-confidence, fear, and what have you.

And it is relatively simple, this secret that is being shared in the book. Consequently, it has a sequel called "The Power" which I have yet to start reading.

We always strive for something better in our lives, finding it hard most times to deal with the coming blows it gives, and no matter how hard we do try, we keep on hitting a brick wall and resigned ourselves to fate, but looking back and knowing "the secret" it was all meant to happen and or not to happen because we are 100% at fault. We willed it and we wanted it to be our lives. Err what, you say?

Our lives and if you review yours, is the product of our constant battle with our thoughts, feelings and instincts. So much that we hardly can focus on what we really want in our lives. We live just to survive our everyday existence that most often we put off our dreams and our aspirations until we forget about it. Too late? No, it is never too late.

According to the book also that we owe it to our selves to be happy, that everything we could ever want is out there for the taking and we only need to want it, really want it to happen in our lives. So we need to stop procrastinating and start to will our thoughts that would make us happy into life. Trust that if we want it, we'll have it. We have the capabilities, we have the power, we are special and we have "the secret" all along. We just need to start using it.