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Friday, February 26, 2010

Middle Eastern Men - Handsomest Men

Arab men or Middle Eastern men are the handsomest men I have ever seen, but then again, I haven't seen the rest of the world yet. But personally, since I am working and living in an Arab country, I find them so beguiling and enigmatic that I cannot help but stare everytime.

Of course, you will say 'cause I am gay, fine looking men would generally be handsome, but I tell you, they are indeed handsome men.

But definitely in my book, they're at the top of the list. Particularly the Saudis, they have best faces of all, from prominent noses, beautiful eyes, thin lips. I have never seen an Saudi who wore a sunglasses and doesn't look fabulous. Their noses are their best facial feature. They are friendly in general, talkative, sweet and nice. I have a Saudi friend, although he doesn't fall in the handsoment category, but what he lacks he supplements with kindness, sweetness and care. Whenever I am a little bit under the weather and call him, he would make an effort to drive me around, share a cup of coffee and just hand around and talk till I feel better.

Then there are the Syrians and the Lebaneses, they could easily replace the gorgeous men on magazine catalogues and Hollywood movies! Tall, eyes of shades of blue, gray and brown, nice physique, unlike the Saudis who are a bit stumped with big hips, these guys were almost perfect except for a little bit of an attitude, but generally cool guys. They're a also a little unhygienic, doesn't take a shower everyday, nor change clothes, but hey, like what I just said nobody's perfect, but nevertheless, they still look mighty fine to me, regardless. But most I meet are dishonest and would take much advantage of you liking them, I can't help at times to compare them to a male hustler as they would try. My best guess is that they KNOW they are gorgeous men and that whatever they show and give would need something in return. But hey, I am not generalizing these men, there are those who are great and nice guys, and goodluck.

Pakistanis were, well, they are like Syrian and Lebanese men, mostly the constuction workers and taxi drivers, these men were underrated, I once saw a handsome taxi driver who could easily be a print and cat-walk model in my country or any country given the chance, they are usually straight forward, but some were shy. Under the dirt and grime, dusts and sand, they are one of the best looking Middle Eastern men, sort of like the diamond in the rough. I met a lot of Pakistanis more than the abovementioned men, I get to know them better cause I have one particular special good-looking Pakistani guy, who is sweet, and caring and kind. One thing though, they also doesn't take shower much, just a splash here and there and they're fine. One thing though, they are clean down there, they make efforts in keeping it clean and smell-free (just don't ask me how I came to know ;-) )

Egyptian men are the rough-type of men, they are tan to brown, gazing eyes, tough appearance, manly in all ways, but they do have a soft side, and when they show it to you, they are generally nice guys. I have this Egyptian guys who are such a tease, keep me always at a distance and would tease me to madness! Hahaha! Just like again, these men have a common thing with the Syrians, Lebanese and Pakistanis, they also doesn't take their showers seriously.

I gues that's what's common with the Middle Eastern men, but this post are about how handsome, how gorgeous these men are, and they ARE. The country of arid deserts and sand storms brought men of such beauty that it could be a paradise for people like me. Although one should always be careful, because still this is a Muslim country and such show of interest might not always be beneficial if not healthy.


  1. my brother-in-law is a Saudi National (i thought they are called "Arabs" but my sister says Saudi National is appropriate) and he is really good-looking. very different from what we usually thought how Middle Eastern men look like (fat, with thick beards, fierce..) oh well, this is just my perception of them based on my Dad's photos when he worked in the middle east last time. but then my brother-in-law is an exception here. he is good-looking and of course, kind and a loving husband to my sister.

  2. yeah, they are not all what we perceive them to be, i have the same sentiment before, but eventually all were made different when I get to work in Saudi Arabia. thanks for the comment!

  3. I lived in the Middle East for 4 years and men from Saudi, Kuwait, AbuDabi they are stunning! lots of eye candy for me lol...I am a middle aged woman with grown children but I would go to the malls to people watch. If I were a model scout for GQ or other magazines I would be in the M.E. scouting out models...