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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How To Cope Up With Sadness and Depression - SHOPPING (And A Little Bit Of Laughter)

No matter how hard I try not to splurge this winter season sale here in Riyadh, no can't do! And since, I've been having my low moments, anxiety, loneliness and slight depression, there is only one and only one way to relieve myself. Go shopping.

Hmmm, this sale season, and thanks to my everloving and ever reliable friend Norman, who just knows me too well and, ehem, cared enough to try to lift me up, dragged me to the mall and enjoyed ourselves rummaging inside boutiques and stores.

What have I bought, let me count the expenses (oh gee!)...

1 Shirt from A/X
1 Pair of White Jeans from Pull and Bear
1 Pair of Red (Controversial Jeans) from Bershka (actually a gift from Norman)
2 Pairs of Zara Shoes
2 Shirts from Zara
1 Polo from Zara
1 Bottle of Perfume from Zara
1 Shirt from Pull and Bear
1 Sleeveless Hooded Shirt from Pull and Bear
2 Polos from Jack and Jones
2 Sneakers from Zara
2 Zara Leather Bags
1 Aldo Shoulder/Hand Bag

...and please somebody stop me!

Not to mention I got approved in my application for a 0% Installment Plan at Jarir Bookstore and got me a nice Touchscreen Desktop PC in White!

I love to be lonely. I get to have all these.

Anyway, to make it complete, hanging around with Norman is a delight. I get to hear a lot of stories about his "misbehaviors" and "misadventures" and we get to laugh out loud.

Sometimes I would wonder, why this guy, straight as a flagpole, loves pussy so much, forgive me the word, hang out with me? Well, to give me peace, I asked him why and he told me, the most flattering compliments one can ever get, "I learn a lot from you!" ... "You say the words I needed to hear." ... "You guide me." If those words won't get me to a climax then call me frigid!

If only Norman is my type. But ours would be of the platonic kind. Though sometimes I get to have headaches due to his boy-like attitude, but nevertheless I find it amusing.

He's there when I need someone to cheer me up. At work when I don't feel like smiling or having a bad day, he'd just do the sweetest thing and I am up and running!

Wait, if you so ever read these Norman, don't let it get into your head! I am just honouring how lucky I am I met you. Or else, I'll bury you in the sand!

So a sound advice, if you ever get lonely, be with your bestest friend and go shopping, don't forget to laugh all the way, who'd need a therapist?

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