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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Of God and Godlets

We are always in search for something, all our lives we are on the lookout for anything we thought of importance that we need to find. Sad thing is, we never seemed to find it, nor come as close to ever discovering whatever that is we are searching for. 

And the ultimate search people often does is to find God.  Almost everyone at some point would like to find God and probably to ask for a lot of things, maybe forgiveness, peace, stillness, answers to questions, some maybe for healing, happiness, bliss and warmth in God's everlasting presence. There will be many who "may" point the direction where we can find God, from heaven (wherever that is, I don't think simply by looking up, right?), to inside of a church, to the books supposedly the words of God, to someone who is "knowledgeable" about God.

I don't intend to debunk anything nor anyone, I am merely hoping to understand this search for the Truth about God.

We often limit God, we personalize the omnipotence of God's greatness, one thing is the infinite magnificence of God is way beyond anyone can comprehend, way, way beyond. We even referred to God as a He, but then how do we really know the gender? Can God be a She? We believe God is pure Love, and then we say God punishes the wicked, the bad, the immorals and the damned. But we believe otherwise. God is Love, period. God will not punish, God will not send the angels and smite every first born, nor God will make it rain with fire and brimstone. That is not God. 

“It is no coincidence that Jesus talks endlessly about love. Free love. Unconditional love.”
Donald Miller, Searching for God Knows What

Whichever way we search for God, we fail to realize that our search goes outwardly, like God can be found in a place, or we expect God to appear as a burning bush or part the sea. That's not going happen, no matter how much we spend time and effort, as God is not outside, God is not out there somewhere, God is Us, God is inside Us. We fail to realize that our search for God has to be inwards, towards the center of our being. Find and believe that the kingdom of God is not that far away, it is within us, we are the kingdom, we are the Truth of God, we are the epitome of God's Love. We are Love. In our mindlessness, we fail to understand that to search within ourselves is the way in finding God. We were created in God's image, thus We are "godlets." Someone I love so dearly coined the word, "godlets" to make me understand that as human as we like us to be, we are God's spitting image. We are capable of magnificence and greatness if we only allow ourselves, and believe to be. So God is everywhere, God is ANYONE. A famous line of a song in the musical play Les Miserables, I remember the most goes, 

"To love another person, is to see the face of God."

That is absolutely true, each one of us is a reflection of God, little "godlets" that if we only understand that, the world will be the paradise we dream it to be. But, reality check, we are made to believe that God dwells somewhere else, "Seek first the kingdom of God" - Matthew 6:33, one just cannot go to somewhere in Europe to find a castle where God lives, right? What it simply meant is that we have to search within ourselves and find who we really are, knowing that we are God's "godlets" with a huge capacity to love, the power to achieve anything, that we possess both the wisdom and the knowledge of the universe. 

There is a God, yes, of course, but God is not up there, but rather inside each and every one of us, and to cause harm to another person and speak ill of a friend, we are talking to God. If we cause one to suffer, we do it to God. We do our best to be pleasing to God right? Let's do it here, right now, to someone we care about, and to anyone we may meet out there, anyone who needs to see God, in us, in you.


  1. Amazing truth spoken herein!! This to me is a complete understanding of the essence of who God is, who humans were meant to be, and what we're here to do for one another. The bible says that the "Kingdom of God is within you." So you're exactly right in what you say in that regard. But preachers seem to forget that verse message after message and many Christians go their entire lives never hearing their preacher remind them that to seek the Kingdom means to seek it from within yourself. Don't look to the sky and expect the moon and stars to answer your questions, sit in silent contemplation and know yourself. Find a way to love and forgive, find a way to share that with the rest of the world and you will be what God asks you to be. May every being understand love as you have my dear friend!

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