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Monday, November 30, 2009

Evil Temptations - Sweets

I have been avoiding sweets for the past months, being conscious of them every now and then. Although occassionally, like all temptations, I gave in. How could you resist that long? So I took it as an indulgence once in a while.

Sweets are nice, but healthwise, uh-oh! Not being a health freak, but just being healthy and wise.

How would you resist these?

Oohhhh Krispy Kreme donuts...mouth watering...

Chocolates of all sorts!

Cakes, cakes, cakes! (But our cakes back home are far MORE BETTER!)

Ohhhhh Ice Cream!

Lead me not into temptation...

Harajj - A Place For A New Lease Of Useful Life For All Things

There's a place here in Riyadh where to most of us would consider a dump, but these dumped items were given a new lease simply by selling them at a considerably low prices, a fraction of it even.

Used furnitures, used clothes, used shoes, used appliances, name it, you'll find it there. One only has to have a good eye to check whether the thing that you fancy is still really reusable or it is better to leave it there.

It's a large expanse of area and sections are made for each category. There is an area for used clothes, then an area for used carpets, a haven for second hand things.

I'll soon make another entry of the place as I still have to take pictures of some of the sections. In this entry I just want to share the things I bought from there lately that are really a bargain.

Bought these 11 pcs of Polo Shirts under SR 100.00! Imagine! When that same amount at the malls could only buy you 1 or 2 pcs! So I have an alternate outfit to wear whenever there are times that I don't feel like wearing long sleeves to work and I have all the colors to choose from! Ha! Ha!

This is the area where I found these colorful shirts, not only you need to have a keen eye to detail but you also need to have the strength to dive into those piles and piles of clothings! You may occassionaly need to haggle with a fellow Filipino who may happen to have an interest with the same item you are eyeing for!

And this pair of shoes is a winner! Orginal Emporio Armani leather shoes in very good quality at 1% of the original price! The owner of the stall was not keen in giving me the shoes to the price I am asking, but I didn't stop haggling 'til he gave in! I told myself this shoes are mine! I pretended to walk away and he called me back and sold me the lovely pair!

It is advisable to go there early in the morning starting from 6:00 AM til 10:00 AM as this is the best time to look for things. Come late and there only be "leftovers" for you!

The morning sky over Harajj, looks peaceful ain't it? With the sun's rays seeping among the clouds, bring feelings of blessedness and peace. Surely, a trip to this place is a blessing, you may come home with bags of goodies and your pocket won't even complain and that's peace of mind! Truly a mecca for bargain shoppers! More to this topic next time.

80's The Best Years of My Life

I am a child of the 80's. I am proud to belong to an era of technicolor dress codes, punks and new wave.

There are so many memories of that era that I can still vividly remember. One song that rarely played now and whenever I hear it scenes from my younger years come into my mind specifically with my cousins. This song called NEVER MIND by Colors, where we danced together. How those days gone that quick and if only I can go back and relived it. Anyway, here's the music, remember and enjoy...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kingdom Tower Sky Bridge VS The Globe Faisaliah Tower

Making the most of the 9-day vacation my favorite couple and some close friends and I went to the two most famous infrastructures of the modern Riyadh. The Kingdom Tower and the Faisaliah Tower.

Located at the heart of the capital, these two monumental buildings were landmarks already. Towering over the city, it is a must to exprience the thrill of going up the towers and see the whole capital of Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom Tower

Over a hundred floors, coming up to the 99th floor where the Sky Bridge is located was already a thrill, riding two elevetors on two levels, it was a ride indeed. On coming there, one can immediately feel a sense of fear of heights! My knees shook a moment when I crossed over the Sky Bridge and hold of my breath to what I saw!

The view was SPECTACULAR, it was 9 in the evening and the lights from below houses, cars and buildings were like jewels shining on dark velvet cloth! The traffic below were like chains of gold necklaces lined together! I can't hardly contain my excitement my hands perspired.

When I looked over the glass window and saw the vast span of the lighted scenes below, I felt the GREATNESS of the moment, it was an unbelievable experience indeed. We stole some shots as cameras are not allowed (ironically cellphones with cameras were allowed)to capture the scenes and the moments.

What made it more memorable was I am up there enjoying the moment with my close friends.

The Faisaliah Tower, The Globe

Another site to behold is the view atop the Faisaliah Tower, also known as The Globe as this was also a famous restaurant that offers another AMAZING view of the city and sumptuous food (rather expensive though!). They allow visitors to come up the viewing deck for a fee. Another two elevator rides to the viewing deck, it was all worth it once we reached it, for we were greeted by another SPECTACULAR view of the city at night and a FREEZING COLD WIND, as the place is an open air area immediately below the GLOBE Restaurant. The wind blows hard and strong and without the strong glass barricades one can be blown over the edge and fall hundreds of feet below.

The view was as GREAT as the experience in the SKY BRIDGE, but what makes it more GREAT was the fact that we are at the mercy of nature as strong winds and freezing wind tries to blow us away! Haha! We had a laugh as the wind blows our hair and jackets. Going up Faisaliah Tower during winter was AWESOME!

I once asked my dear friend Ivy if this would be the same feeling we might have if we were to be on top of the Empire State Building in New York, ans she said, maybe, for it felt like were not in Riyadh anymore, with the winter clothes and the atmosphere we were like somewhere else. Maybe a premonition of great travels together I say.

It truly was another memorable experience and of course with the same close friends, what else can complete the moment?

I love these moments with my close friends, the experience was real, the laughers were heartfelt, the moment was surreal. I would rather spend a moment with real friends where I am right now.

9 Days

After all the hardwork and some duties at the stores, the company gave us a vacation, because of the Hajj we have a 4-day vacation. Before we go home last Wednesday (Nov 25th) the company announced that instead of returning to work on Tuesday (Dec 1) it will be on Saturday (Dec 5)which means we have 9 days to relax, sleep long, and make the most of it!

Yeheey!!! I love it!!!

Winter Rain

One of those rare moments in Saudi Arabia, specifically in the Shemaisy Area where I live, when it rains. I woke up yesterday to a feeling of being back home in the Philippines. Having two windows in my room, I would always know whether it was sunny or cloudy outside. But this time the sky was a bit darker than usual, it was already 10:30 AM. Then I heard wee small sounds of pitter-patter and a smell of fresh morning. I looked out my window facing the street below and the street were wet, sounds of cars on wet pavements, and the air is colder than before and it was raining.

Reminds me so much of home, I love it when it rains, not the "Ondoy" kind that is, just drizzles, and staying home. Just imagine waking up on a rainy day to the smell of cooked "sopas (tube pasta soup)", creamy, tasty and hot! Or to the taste of hot "champorado (chocolate porridge)" together with fried "tuyo (dried fish)."

Staying home the whole day in bed, just reading, watching tv or simply sound tripping.

I remembered playing with my nephews and nieces, conversing with my sibings while Mama is cooking another favorite "Nilagang Buto-Buto with Chinese Bola-Bola and Herbs!

When I was younger, I would always come out and play in the rain with my childhood friends. We would make very small boats from popsicle sticks and play race on the sidewalk canal flowing with rain water. Shower under the falling water from roof gutters, play tag or rode our bikes amidst the slippery streets and mud or catch small fishes, tadpoles and small frogs from nearby ponds!

Those were the days.

How certain moments, food and smell could trigger feelings and memories is truly nostalgic, nevertheless, it is always a blessing knowing that these things were a part of us, we never forget those wonderful feelings and memories. It keeps you grounded, it makes you smile thinking that wherever you are, home is always where the heart is.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Vision Board

I got inspired to make my own Vision Board when my dear friend Ivy showed me her masterpiece. Come to think of it, why not? A visual person that I am, I thought I needed something to see to focus myself in achieving the things and events that I would like to happen in my life.

So two weeks of internalizing and searching for pictures through magazines and the internet(I even bought a printer and thought of it as the start of fulfilling my visions, effort made, effort granted!) until finally, after much surfing, printing, scanning magazine pages, cutting, lay-outing and pasting, voila!

My vision board focused on areas like Travel, Work, Relationship, Friends and Well Being and I envisioned that in 5 years, I pray the at least more than half of it would come to pass or better yet all! God willing!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Date with Dates

I don't know why I haven't wrote something about this golden-colored, sweet tasting, healthy and magnificent fruit, so here goes.
When it comes to eating, I am semi-adventurous, not that I am too picky, but you know, what you did not grown up to eat, you won't eat?

Then I have this thing on eating Tinolang Manok, they say it's best when the chicken used was fresh, and I mean fresh from slicing or wringing its neck and letting the poor chicken die just like that, or putting the poor thing in boiling water still while wriggling to loosen the feathers and all. I love Tinola, but I won't eat it when it's a fresh kill!

Anyway, I had my first taste of this fruit called Date in the office the first week I started, two years ago, and since then, whenever someone offered I take and eat it.
It was heavenly, for me, it tastes like our Kamote-cue! My friends say it's a weird description of the taste for it is far from Kamote, but that's what it tastes like to me and I love Kamote-que!

Not knowing though that this Middle Eatern fruit which they love to eat since the Millenia were packed with Vitamins and Minerals including some Antioxidants. Add to it Calcium, Low Cholesterol, healthy sugar (yes, harmless to diabetics) and fat free!

The mighty small fruit also boost testosterone levels, no wonder one Arab guy I met told me that it enhances sexual performance then winked at me! Hah! - (and did he perform well? That's another story! Ha! Ha!)

My Saudi Department Manager has a farm of Date Trees, brought in the office their produce, vacuum-packed and when we opened and taste it, I got the best tasting Date ever! He said it was all natural and no preservatives. I think I had 10 in one sitting!

So, for those who haven't got into liking this fruit, well, you are missing one of natures' best creation. To those who enjoyed eating them, keep eating and I am with you.

Here's to a Date!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Victory For Us Filipinos

Manny Pacquaio did it again, he brought our country to the limelight once more by knocking out Cotto on the 12th round!

Amidst the calamities, crimes, terrorists, corruptions and poverty, Manny made the Filipinos proud to be simply Filipinos. The world must now be aware that they should always think twice before they mess up with us Filipinos! Hah!

And to make things even better, Manny was in the cover of TIME Magazine Asia!
I was touched from one of his interviews inside the magazine where he dedicated his victories to Filipinos all over the world, being an OFW myself, I was truly, deeply touched and I quote:

“It is a great honor for me to be the face of my people and to let everyone know we are a small but mighty country,” he said. “I have great pride for all of the Filipinos living throughout the world and it is these people that I fight for each and every time I step into the ring.”

So people around the world should watch out, for we Filipinos could really put up a fight and throw a mighty punch!

Truly made me proud to be called Juan De La Cruz.

Monday, November 9, 2009

What's Wrong With These Pictures?

It's that time again when my thoughts would wonder through the depths of my mind and wake up the slumbering notion of missing somebody.

It's that time again when suddenly I was reminded that my heart and soul is longing to be touched by another human being.

It's that time again when I long for someone to kiss, to hug and to hold at night.

It's that time again that I long to wake up with somebody still sleeping beside me and watch him dream.

It's that time again...it's that time again.

So what's wrong with these pictures?

It was not me.