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Monday, February 2, 2009

Anne Rice's Christ The Lord

In my old blog, I told you guys how much a fan I am of Anne Rice. The celebrated author of The Vampire Chronicles that started with The Interview With A Vampire, that also became a movie; of the lives of Mayfair Witches in Taltos and Feast of All Saints; from the story of resurrection, immortality and love in The Mummy and all those make believe characters that is so believable, you’d wish they were all real.
Her imagery and detailed story-telling, most often incorporating real history in her novels makes her the best! I had countless sleepless nights reading her books that are so hard to put down.
Until for some divine intervention she changed her faith and beliefs, from being an Atheist to going back to Catholicism. You could read in her novels, specially her infamous Lestat character, his never ending search for the truth, God, and the purpose of being, that she really is in search for inner peace and faith.
Her first book after her momentous turn-back-to-religion episode of her life was Christ The Lord, Out of Egypt, I waited for the paper back for months for a while as I cannot afford the hard bound edition. Once I got hold of the book, I couldn’t let it down. I read each page with so much enthusiasm that in two days I’m done.
Her story took me back to the time when Jesus Christ, yes, our Lord and Savior is just a child growing in loving family together with His aunts, uncles and cousins. How as a child, Jesus lives as normal as any child can be. Only his Mother, Mary and foster father Joseph seemed to know how special He is.
Out of Egypt, cause that time His family was living in Egypt due to the census thing and Egypt offers a lot of opportunities for the family in terms of carpentry. Again, their main livelihood, the men that is are carpentry and theirs are famous because of the excellent finishes and one of a kind designs.
I won’t tell the rest of the story so as not to give away the suspense, all in all it’s a good novel. There are some boring chapters but nevertheless these are key elements to the completeness of the story.
It tells how human God became through Jesus, how He viewed the world around Him as a Child already full of wisdom at the same time full of innocence. I guess this is synonymous to Anne Rice’s new journey in rediscovering with child-like curiosity her new found faith in God.
I, too at one point tried to search for the purpose of my existence. I embraced New Age and Christianity just to understand why I am like this, why my life went that way and where my life is heading.
I learned that, one’s belief in the Divine Creator is to each, his own. No one has any right to tell you what you’re doing is right or wrong, or worst, judge you! You alone should know the difference, for you alone will stand in front of God at Judgment Day to take account all the things you did with your life. How you loved and how you cared, how you go on whenever your journey is hard, how you pray for strength and guidance, how you believe.
So much for that, I am looking forward in purchasing the sequel which is Christ The Lord, The Road To Canaan, this time Jesus is now a full grown man.

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  1. wow! usually tamad aq in reading novels. the last time i reall sat down and finishd a book from cover to cover wa harry potter book 1!! ahehehe..

    i ehnjoyed watching d movie version nalang..ahehe.... so that i wont be a critic to compare the moive, and how lousy or loosely it was based on the orig novel..aeehe...kaya movie watching na lang me.

    nice naman dat novel of Jesus, in egypt. Perhaps she based it on one of the proto evangelicum (i think) and lost books (or those rejected by the church) writings on the early life of JESUS... i bet the story on how the young JESUS, molding clay birds, put life on these creatures as he breathe or commanded them...aeheheh

    em really glad reading u again CHARLAMAGNE :-) sana pag nag bakasyon ka sa pinas, i will finally see u in person :-)