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Monday, February 2, 2009

SHELTER - A Great Movie To Watch

I always liked gay-themed movies. The ones that does not really focuses on sex and too fabulous lifestyles. Unless it was a comedy like Another Gay Movie, a gay-spoof of The American Pie.
I like to watch how gay relationships blossom and wilted.Feel good movies that touches emotions. I like happy endings and heartbreaks. Men falling, loving and caring for other men. Men like me.
Then I saw the movie SHELTER, staring Trevor Wright (Zack) and Brad Rowe (Shaun). After watching the movie I felt good inside, I longed for someone to love, or better, I longed to fall in love again.
You know that feeling of being in love? I’m sure you do.
A story of a guy name Zack, whose real personality he represses for the sake of his singled-mother sister, nephew and sickly father. Taking the responsibilities of his father when his mother died. The only person her sister holds on to. A simple guy with dreams of going to art school.
He tried to make both ends meet, helping in the family finances at the same time taking care of his nephew and balancing a love life with his girlfriend and his love of surfing.
Until he met his bestfriend’s brother and things turned upside down. At first he tried to control his feelings, but feeling like bursting inside, he let go. He broke up with his girlfriend to pursue a relationship with Shaun. At first, it was like a whirlwind romance until reality hit them. They have to come out. This scared Zack. But eventually after every trial there’s victory.
I won’t tell the rest of the story, you guys have to watch this movie. You’ll never regret it.
Another bonus is the AMAZING, yes, amazing soundtrack mostly by a certain artist named SHANE MACK. Songs like Lie To Me, More Than This and I Like That will really get your attention and add the movie, whew, a perfect combination.
I tried hard to look for his songs; I used Limewire, You Tube, search the net, and luckily I got some. They are hard to find songs, now I had them in my collection. I listen to them when I am having my “moments” and relieving the last time I fell in love.

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  1. i have a pirated dvd of htis movie...aehhehe