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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just Be Grateful

I got inspired by a special friend when I read his blog entry (http://mylifeinriyadhandbeyond.blogspot.com) about being grateful and thankful for all the things you already had, to the smallest things we took for granted and stop fidgeting about what will it be tomorrow and worrying about things to come.

Yes, it is true, that sometimes, we think much about what we thought were necessary, and overlooked those that matter.

Like the air we breathe, the fact the we still wake up everyday, we have work (amidst the world crisis), we have food, we still send money to our family back home.
Yeah, I do have lots of clothes like my friend Zhari too, to distribute to 10 families!

Realizing that it is okay to dream, even dream big, but what is important is the now, the author Og Mandino says in one of his books, "Tomorrow is only found in the calendar of fools."

I should be happy. It's a choice. I'd like to choose to be happy, with my loved ones, with my friends, with my work and with what I have.

Let go and let God, as they always say. If it's meant for you, it will happen.

Thank you Lord
for all the things I have.
For all the experiences, be it good or bad.
For all the friends I have.
For the reason I am still here.

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  1. I looove it!!! Now we have the right attitude. And I told you kanina, parang everything falls in its proper place.