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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Met A Guy

Last night was one of the great nights I had, I met this guy for the first time, in person that is, for we have been chatting for quite some time. Actually it was a long overdue meeting as we had been planning to see each other for so long, alas, it happened.
I like this guy very much, on line, we have been exchanging messages and talked about anything under the sun; history, general interests, his religion and culture, and mine, life, outlooks, points of views, our jobs, our personal lives and even sexuality. He seemed to be an open person, nonjudgmental, well-rounded and smart. What else would you ask for? Our wavelengths are on the same frequency and we seemed to have a lot in common.
We both like poetries, writing, seeking adventures, live in the now, positive and sense of humor. When I met him, I sigh, he is all the person I imagined him to be, he sent his picture long time ago, but seeing him in person took my breath away. Fair-skinned, about 1.8 meters high, a bit stocky, handsome Arab face but his eyes are to die for.
He is gentlemanly, yet you could feel his wild side. Picked me up with his car on our agreed meeting place and went to a coffee shop somewhere in downtown Riyadh. I showed him this coffee shop that I used to go to because the place is very cozy, warm and people there seemed friendly. We arrived there about 11 in the evening and found nice corner with comfortable love seats , ordered cappuccinos and talk about a lot of things for an hour or so.
As expected we spent an hour talking about a lot of things, mostly about each other, and I was smitten by this guy. I kept having goose bumps and this doesn’t happen to me that often. I really liked him. I forgot that we were in a crowded place, ‘cause all I hear was his voice and all I saw was him in front of me. Everything went blurry and the rest of the sound went silent.
Afterwards, we decided to go home and he drove me up to my place, and I asked him if he had a nice evening, and he said it was a great evening and can’t wait for the next one.
I said my thanks, we shook each other’s hands, I held his with both hands and squeeze a bit, just to savor the moment, said good night and I get off.
When I came inside my apartment, I sat on the couch and recall everything that happened. I kept smiling like a girl of sixteen! I thought, my God, that was better than SEX!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I had my orgasmic moment without having SEX! I really felt so good inside. I never realized that a great conversation with a great person is sometimes better than anything else. A wonderful time with a nice and charming person sometimes is enough to lift your spirits up.
I am looking forward for another wonderful time with this guy, hopefully in the immediate future.
I think this is the second time this happened to me towards another person. (The other experience was posted in my Old Blog, with MR. DJ.)

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  1. hiazt, paragn ang sarap ng feeling talga, as i could imagine just reading this entry :-)

    btw, em here sa ofys, nag ovrnyt and been reading ur blog since 5 am ,sat early morning, March 28, Earth HOur. :-)