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Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 The Day The World Stood Still

I am hesitant to write about 9/11 as until today I don't really fully understand what's it all about. All I know is that hundreds or a thousand innocent people had perished in that tragic day. I think it is one of the saddest moments in world history and it jeopardized the relations between people, countries and faiths. I remember when I saw the whole clip on TV, I thought it was a movie but when the CNN logo flashed on the screen, I stood there watching in disbelief. It indeed happened and somehow it was the day when the world stood still. Why did it happened? Why attack on innocent people? Why humans kill other humans? Why humans have no respect of their kind? We had wars to end all wars, but we never had a sincere look at the world as a whole. That we are one and the same regardless of race, color and belief. There's no point in blaming anyone or anything, for there were already so many finger-pointing since the attack, as for the loved ones of the victims, the scars will forever be visible and will never heal. They may not be able to forget nor to forgive, but think about also of the other thousands of victims of this relentless and pointless wars. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Israel there were also innocent victims. It was not only America that was attacked, it was not America that got hurt, but the whole world. We have everything that we need to sustain life, and the whole world needs to be united. The human race already came a long way and produced, created and built advances in science and technology but we still kill each other just because we differ in color, faith and beliefs. There are many lives to rebuild, instead of spreading fear, why not spread peace? There are a lot more people in Africa and the rest of the world still sleeping at night without food and shelter, and these mighty countries should direct their power and energy in making the world a little better. America was not the direct target of these attacks, it was aimed against humanity.


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