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Friday, September 16, 2011

Why Bother?

It is hard to live a righteous life not to mention a peaceful one, when there are so many distractions and negativites around you. It would take a mastery of your thoughts and emotions in order to simply "not get carried away" with the anger and frustrations people made you feel and the judgements they throw at you.
But I guess it is all part of life, in our journey, these things do come, everyday, and it will never stop even if you are long gone.
Like there are some things you'd like to do but many put you down when they should be supporting you, regardless. Or, you get talked to behind your back, outcasted in groups, hated and ignored.
People can say anything, and we cannot please everybody, you may lose your voice trying to explain but why bother, 'cause still what they think about you will be you, but I don't think so.
We are who we are, many people may not like us, but there are those whom we mean so much to.
So what the hell to do? There are options we can choose from:
1. Take it all in, sulk on it and either you die from the agony of low self esteem or use it to improve yourself.
2. Totally ignore what other people say, as long as they don't physically hurt you and the truth is far from what they perceived, as you know yourself far more better than they do.
3.Just laugh it off, and just think about this "haters are also admirers who just cannot understand why other people like you."
4.Be a little proud that there are people who gets affected by what you say and do, they cannot sleep or eat without mentioning you,  which means that they do care about you.
5. Admit that there are insecure people that cannot get over the fact that you are slightly or even better than them in many ways even when you, sometimes didn't even know.
6. Know that jealousy is the no. 1 root of all evil.
7. Things are not that bad really, and going through it can do you good at some point.
So there, I'd say let's just live our lives the WAY we would like it to be, no matter what other people say. We only have one and I've read and told that we just have to make the most of it, a day at a time.

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