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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The 12 Laws of Karma: The Law of Cause and Effect

I would like to start a series in between posts, about something we all knew about but not really paying attention to. We knew all about it, but we could not care less about its effect on us. We live mostly in a "que sera sera" attitude or maybe does not really care.
So it is my sincere hope that after this series we can deliberate and even review our thoughts and actions and have a better, if not good, one at that.
So the Laws of Karma is being introduced here and together, yes, you and I, we'll take the journey back within ourselves and search into our hearts and souls for that path towards greater good.
There are 12 Laws of Karma and each one is in relation with another, for one cannot exist alone and together they are so powerful that it can change the world in a snap of a finger.
Today I'll share about the most familiar Karma of all, The Law of Cause and Effect.
As we all know that whatever we sow, we always reap. It may sound very biblical but the majority of teachings are all about it. This first law is otherwise known as "The Great Law". Simply the embodiment of the principle of Reciprocity, which is really what "karma" is all about.
Our attitudes and actions affect the universe about us. A stone thrown onto a water creates a ripple that seemed to go on, expanding until it reaches the bank and return the ripple back to its source. Let us ask ourselves how many times we did something and eventually experience that same act? Have we done something that reaps good effect? Just today, what did we say and do that may reap good and/or bad karma?
Everyday we encounter situations that make us choose, and it is up to us whether the choice would echo something of good nature or the other way around. So think before we act and in this way life's blessing will come in abundance, and if we begin taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions right now, we will be given back what we desire. Essentially creating many positive outcomes and experiences in our day-to day life.

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