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Sunday, March 8, 2009

To Lose A Friend

What is a friend?
I am sure that there are a hundred ways to describe a friend.
What is an enemy?
There are also a hundred ways to describe an enemy.

But a friend that is an enemy?
Not possible.

I had a friend, or so I thought.
No, so I hope.

I am letting go of a friend. I may be an enemy to him, but he is a friend to me.

But how do you really define a friend?
No one knows really. Only heart knows.
When everyone has a heart, but only few knows how to call someone a friend.


  1. A true friend is someone who would stick with you through thick and especially through thin. Ang tunay na magkaibigan kahit magkatampuhan, magkaibigan pa rin. Kapag nagkatampuhan kayo at hindi na kaibigan ang tingin nya sa yo, hindi mo sya talaga friend. Isa mo lang syang kakilala.

    And yes, you're right. The heart knows who your true friends are.

    So don't take the term 'friendship' lightly. Give your kindness to everyone but your friendship only to a true few.

    Lalim ko no?

    (Matagal kang hindi nagpost kapatid?

  2. "When everyone has a heart, but only few knows how to call someone a friend."

    -- well said!

    it's synonymous to saying that people don't realize the value of something unless it's gone.


  3. Thanks mga mare, it's sad indeed, but that's life sometimes. Nothing is permanent and people come and go into our lives, but important thing are the lessons or the experiences they shared with us.