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Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Met Her Again, Mary

When I was younger, back in Tondo, our small village were active in religious activites for we have a small parochial church. There will be a celebration or a feastday of every saint I know, St. Martin, San Isidro, and the like. But one thing that I remember most is the house to house visit of the image of the Virgin Mary, where the ladies of the household and the children would pray together the rosary, and afterwards there would be small snack prepared by the host that were shared together.

I learned to pray the rosary then, and my interest in Mary grew as I studied in a Catholic School where the sisters and the priests teach us more about Her. I became a Marian Devotee, I try to remember all the different personalities of Mary as dressed by her devotees, The Mystical Rose, The Queen of Heaven and Earth and so on and so forth, I even composed a song when I was in Grade Six for Her during one October and the school had a program for her, I still remember the song entitled "Heavenly Mary" to the tune of Menudo's "Heavenly Angel" but as I grow old, and I learned a lot of religions, became a Born Again Christian, joined a Christian group, got lost and found, got lost, lost lost and lost again.

Then I met Her again in Saudi Arabia, after an "episode" a dear friend of mine who's a devotee to the Holy Rosary whose prayers were unceasing, inspired me to get to know Her again.

I requested whether she had a spare and maybe Mother Mary must be listening, my friend had and she gave it to me including a prayer book on how to pray it. I tried to remember the Apostle's Creed, which I already forgot and the Hail Holy Queen, but I am sure I will come around.

I pray the Rosary everynight before sleeping, and my dear, dear friend Ivy and I already prayed it together twice dedicating each decade to a certain aspect of our lives.

It was heavenly, the feeling is light after we finished and we try to talk about or ponder on the dedicated prayers we did as to why we decided to pray for such.

I started this, I just hope and pray I'll continue praying it.
I met Her again, I hope She takes me back in Her loving arms, like a mother would.
Like my mother could.

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  1. inspiring... Once a A CHILD OF MARY, always a CHILD of MARY! keep on praying charlamagne :-)