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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Bit Weary, A Bit Sad

I am a bit weary and a bit sad.
Why? I will be the one to ask why, is it normal to feel this way when good things happen to people around you and you feel left out?
Or should I just change my point of view? I should be happy that good things happen to people around me. Maybe, just maybe, my time has not yet come, or I am not yet ready to receive such blessings.
But still I can’t help to feel a bit weary and sad.
This will pass, I know. It has to pass.
They say patience is a virtue, I know I am patient, in all things. So I have to be really patient. A bamboo seed doesn’t just grow after being planted on the ground, it has to wait for the right moment, may it be a month, or a few months before it starts to sprout leaves and spread its roots. But once it started to grow, it grows a few inches a day and never stops.
This feeling will pass and I just have to be content and be thankful for what I have right now. Right?
Yes! And I hear you guys loud and clear.

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