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Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Year, Thank God

What's supposed to be a quiet birthday last 7th became a party of sorts.
Since that "episode" a week ago, I planned to lay low for while.

But like my friend Ivy said "The seeds you plant, you'll reap eventually," and people on their own made the day a memorable one, simple, but meaningful.

I thanked God that my "new found freedom" ehich is the Best Gift He gave me this year, well, aside from good health, prosperity and peace of mind.

I prepared a thanksgiving lunch for my close friends Ivy, Benjie, Zhari and Arnie the day before my birthday.
I made Lumpiang Sariwa and Pancit and we had a hearty meal, too bad we hadn't had the chance to fry the Tilapias because we were so hungry by then. Ha!

The next day, my favorite couple in the world, Ivy and Benjie treat me to dinner with Benjie's Sinigang na Ulo ng Lapu Lapu which is to die for! I gorge to my heart's content! Whew!

Yesterday, the company treat me with a Cake, and I can feel the warmth of their greetings and laughters.

Truly something to remember by.

And before I went to sleep last night, I prayed and thank God for everything I went through last year and to give me another chance this year. I prayed for forgiveness and blessings, I lifted to God everything, as in everything.

I prayed for those who judged me and looked at me indifferently. I prayed for those who are kind to me.

I miss my family though. (They had a party back home for me, my mother prepared food and invited relatives and family friends.)

God is good. I am blessed.


  1. Happy birthday, Carlo.

    Good is indeed good and you, my friend, is incredibly blessed.

  2. Hi Nebz, thank you. So do you dear!