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Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Being Good, Bad?

What does it mean to be "good?" Since time immemorial, we are told to be good, and being good sometimes is bad, there were those who were good enough to be called saints only to suffer from the very people they showed their goodness.

We are taught to love one another, but this "love" is more often taken out of context and so sensationalized that the purity of the word get lost in, shall I say definition.

There are many good people around the world but their voices is so small that most often than not they are not heard. People try to reach out, to touch other lives just to make it a little bit better, only to be reciprocated with violence.

Does being good leads to these things really? If so, then it is not good to be good, ain't it?

But why does goodness keep on echoing through time? It keeps on going and keeps on fighting to be alive and strong. Why?

Because after all these pain and suffering, being good is all worth it. It doesn't matter realy how ridiculed one gets from doing something out of the ordinary to make someone's life better, or one's life the least. No matter how strong is the will to do what is harmful, there is always that tiny glint of light deep in the darkest caverns of the heart called goodness, that will always be there to remind us that even the Son of God, amidst all the evils in the world, still chose to be a part of it, live it, and have a taste of it, by laying His life into the hands of the very people He showed goodness with.

One has to try, for it doesn't matter either how many times one gets to commit mistakes as everyone does, but one good deed is enough to start a chain of another good deed. I am one of those who do try, and I must admit, I have more failures that victories, but who's counting? I least I do try.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Farewell Dear Sweet Friend

Farewell dear sweet friend
You've been brave until the very end.
Farewell to the beguiling smiles
We'll miss the twinkle in your eyes.

Once so lovely and so fair
Radiant, full of life, warm as a summer air
Now silent, laughters were no more
As they lay you down to the core.

Farewell to you sweet friend
See you around the so called bend.
Rest in peace forever more
God had called you, now your soul soar.

Be at peace, be at peace,
You've given us a life of bliss.
Farewell to you my dear sweet friend,
Now your journey came to an end.

- To Junaira Casser-Villasis, 1972-2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Love You Because You Are Mine

‎"Since you've been gone, I get confused all the time."
"I miss you so much."
"Me too."
"I love you."
"And why do you love me?"
"I love you because you are mine."
"I love you because you need love."
"I love you too."
"And why do you love me too?"
"I love you because...to understand our love, they'd need to turn the world upside down."
- Do Come├žo Ao Fim (From Beginning to End)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Amr Diab

They say, "When in Rome, do what the Romans do," and appreciating and actually liking many of the everyday Arabian way of living and their culture is one way of making my life a bit eaier here. From their food to their way with people; their manner of speaking to their friendliness towards another; from their dresses and their strict upholding of lawa nd morality issues.

One in particualr that I am into is their modern music, their going into maintream pop instead of their regular "high-pitched" traditional music. One Egyptian Male Artist who successfully ruled the Middle Eastern music charts and not to mention got into the European scene too, got my attention and became a fan, is Amr Diab. He is like the most successful and most famous singing act in this part of the world.

His songs are a mix of traditional and modern beat, he likes the use of Spanish guitar and Mediterraean instruments that makes the beat very upbeat, modern and danceable. His ballads, though I cannot understand almost all of it, were emotional and sweet.

So much that even J-Lo, Britney, Beyonce, and Pink get to fancy this great guy. Under the sposorship of Pepsi, he had made several commercials with these ladies which opened his music to the Americas. Now, his name and music is reaching global stature and I am sure people will love this guy.

Here is his Pepsi commercial with the song Tameny, which is the song that made me a fan, from his Album Wayah released last 2009.

I only wish I could meet him in person, and with my trip to Cairo, Egypt next month is fast approaching, who knows, I might passed by him in one of my walks around his country.

I Dream Too Much

I heard your voice again today, and memories
Came rushing in, like a crashing wave on the shore
How could I forget, how can I ignore?
When you left that day, it felt like the end of the world.

Too much wishful thinking
I dream too much
How can I not?
When I fell in love.

I asked for the bear, do you still keep it?
You said yes, by your bed and reminds you always
Of me, and I immediately said mine too,
By me bed, and reminds me of you.

Too much wishful thinking.
I dream too much,
How can I not?
When I fell in love.

Give me another year, and I'll be there
You say, I hope so I'll wait as long
As I can, but please hurry, and be sure
I do care about you, I really do.

Too much wishful thinking.
I dream too much.
How can I not?
When I fell in love.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Too Bad

2 AM my mobile phone keeps on ringing, half-awake and half-asleep I reached to my bedside table to check who's the son-of-a-gun that bother others who would like to have a peaceful sleep.

It was someone I know of course, they usually call at this time and even later. Fuckin' horny rabbits! They don't really choose the time of the day (or night) when they are in heat! Oh well, and since my sleep were already broken, I slide the talk button and said hello,

"Ja habibi, qi fak?" said a voice.
"Esh mushkala? Mafi malum hadi belel?" I said, a little irritated.
"He, he! Habibi, maalesh, enta nom?"
"Aiwa, esh hada, ana nom, esh ebka?"
"Ebka enta, habibi?" he said sweetly.
"Alhein? La, ana taban, fi shukol baden sabr!"
"Leh? Min fadlak, habibi, enta miya-miya." he said excitedly.
"La, maalesh, ana taban akid. Baden, enta tisal mumken enta ebka dug-dug!"
"Ha, ha! La, habibi, enta ana habibi!"
"Akid? Enta mafi kwayes!"
"Habibi! Habibi!" said the voice desperately.
"La, mafi jadid, mumken bokra, baden baad bokra! Sa? firmly, I said.
"La, la, la, alhin habibi, kamsa daqiqa bas!" as he pleaded.
"La, maasalam!"
"Lahda, wahida! Min fadlak!"

Then I hung up. I turned on the silent mode and true enough he kept calling and calling as I tried to get back to sleep.
I woke up 6 hours later and my mobile battery is flashing low power and I have more than 70 missed calls from him.
Too bad. (Sigh)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Could Have Given In

"Salaam", a voice coming from behind me.
I look back and see a handsome fellow, tall, Arabic, hawk-nosed, curly black hair.
"Malaykum-salaam" I said back.
"Wein enta ro?" he asked.
"Shukol." I replied.
"Esh shukol." and then it dawned on me, why is he asking me.
He's a total stranger, a local, about his early twenties and I shouldn't be talking to him. Stories of set-ups and Mutawas are very much on the rise these days.
But he is persistent and although a bit cocky, he seemed to be friendly, so I go along and at this point he is walking beside me, with me. I thought as long as we're moving, I can always speed up and cross the street to the other side.
"Maktub bas."
"Hmm gareeb."
My curiosity gets the better of me and with a bit of a caution, I asked. "Esh ebka, sadiq?""Mafi, mumken enta ebka sadiq?" he said.
"Liesh? Enta kuwayes?"
"Aiwa, ana kuwayes, miya-miya." and he smiled, I felt slightly weak in the knees.
"Akid?" I smiled back.
"Aiwa, akid. Mumken shoop baden? Shukol mita kalas?"
"Baden belel, saa-saba."
Such conversation would always lead to exchange of numbers and later calls, which would eventually lead to "your guess is as good as mine."
I could have given in.
"Mumken shoop enta, mumken mafi." and winking at him, "Maasalam!"I left him on the other side of the street still looking at me as I head towards the intersection. I could not forget the look on his face, a look of disappointment, but I just smiled back and wave a bit.
Oh, well. (Sigh)