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Friday, August 6, 2010

Amr Diab

They say, "When in Rome, do what the Romans do," and appreciating and actually liking many of the everyday Arabian way of living and their culture is one way of making my life a bit eaier here. From their food to their way with people; their manner of speaking to their friendliness towards another; from their dresses and their strict upholding of lawa nd morality issues.

One in particualr that I am into is their modern music, their going into maintream pop instead of their regular "high-pitched" traditional music. One Egyptian Male Artist who successfully ruled the Middle Eastern music charts and not to mention got into the European scene too, got my attention and became a fan, is Amr Diab. He is like the most successful and most famous singing act in this part of the world.

His songs are a mix of traditional and modern beat, he likes the use of Spanish guitar and Mediterraean instruments that makes the beat very upbeat, modern and danceable. His ballads, though I cannot understand almost all of it, were emotional and sweet.

So much that even J-Lo, Britney, Beyonce, and Pink get to fancy this great guy. Under the sposorship of Pepsi, he had made several commercials with these ladies which opened his music to the Americas. Now, his name and music is reaching global stature and I am sure people will love this guy.

Here is his Pepsi commercial with the song Tameny, which is the song that made me a fan, from his Album Wayah released last 2009.

I only wish I could meet him in person, and with my trip to Cairo, Egypt next month is fast approaching, who knows, I might passed by him in one of my walks around his country.

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