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Monday, February 9, 2009

Angel Oracle - The Archangel Raphael

The Angel Oracle had me picked up the Archangel Raphael today, the angel of healing.
And I ponder on the reasons as to why I need to be healed. Healed of what? I am not sick, nor I feel something is wrong. Then it dawned on me that the healing is not of the physical kind but of the spiritual. I need to resurrect my dying spiritual life.
I used to be an active participant of a certain Christian Group back home, until some "politics" made me decide to leave the group and eventually my enthusiasm with having a good relationship with the Creator.
I am part of the Music Ministry and singing and playing the guitar during services made me high with praises and glory to God.
I even had my Bible Study group, leading stray people of my "kind" who are confused whether God loves them the way they are (and of course He does!), how to accept their sexuality and to reconcile their faith and their personality.

I missed that. Lately I've been itching to play the guitar again. I heard this new Christian song from a colleague of mine at work when he sent me a copy. Entitled, "WHO AM I" by Casting Crows and then began the desire to play. I have to start with music for this is where I feel closer to Him.

So right now I want a guitar!!!
I am praying for a guitar, I know God read hearts, and I know He just read mine.
I know He will make a way.

I want to sing to Him again and received His wonderful healing grace. There's more to this I know. God is good.


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  2. Nice post you have here.

    Tonight in one of your silent moments, with or without a guitar, sing for Him. He'll be listening...I'm sure.

    Happy valentine.

  3. a guitar.. sana someday i'll hear u sing while playing ur guitar.. jamming tayo aheheh..xtian songs...aehhehe