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Monday, February 2, 2009

Angel Oracle - The Angel of Glory

The Angel of Glory, another timely card from my Angel Oracle.
Last night me, a housemate and a friend had some few drinks, just to pass some time, and time passes indeed ‘cause before we knew it, it’s 1:00 AM. We call it a night and went sleep. I slept soundly, I slept with someone beside me.
How I missed sleeping with someone breathing beside me. I don’t mind the snoring, because I know someone is lying with me. The air conditioning unit was cold, but I felt warm and safe especially when he held me in his arms.
I woke up in the middle of my sleep with a gripping pain in my chest. It was horrible, it felt like a vice grip is compressing my chest. I thought, am I having a heart attack? It can’t be, wild thoughts run through my head, I held my chest, I held the guy beside me’s hand, closed my eyes again and take deep breaths. Inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly I go about 5 sets I think until the pain subsided.
It was scary, but I was relieved when the pain went away and I try to fall asleep again.
All through this episode, I forgot one thing. I forgot to pray, to call upon Him for some comfort.
This morning, I got this card, and felt guilty. I realized that lately I’ve been taking for granted my nightly Bible reading, my listening to Christian music and my conversations with Him. Now I had a wake-up call, I took this as a reminder that in a place where life is hard and lonely, He is the only source of strength and joy. That I should be giving Him praise and glory for the reason I still wake up every day.
I pray that nightmare won’t happen again. Ever.

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  1. better hav a check up with those chest pains dude. and yeah, alwasy pray, though em guilty of not doing it often also...ahehehehe