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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Seven Deadly Sins - Anger

What it is: Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath.
Why you do it: You're wired for it. Also, the people around you are pretty damn irritating.
Your punishment in Hell will be: You'll be dismembered alive.
Associated symbols & suchlike: Anger is linked with the bear and the color red

Have you ever been so angry that you feel like exploding? Or the first thing your hand grabs will surely fly? Or have you ever been so mad about something that if you sleep on it, the next day you felt as miserable as hell and the anger doubled?
Have you? Am glad I have not. I rarely get angry, I get frustrated, I get downhearted, I get jealous, but I seldom feel angry.
Maybe because I let things be, I would try to change things, but if the object of my effort does not cooperate, or give in, I let it go.
When someone hurt me, I just suck it in, cry a little, mope a bit and then I immediately move on and forget it. When I feel like I am being left out, I move away. When I think I am treated unfairly, I just say, my time will come.
But on times, though rare that it might be, like my Chinese Zodiac Sign, the Ox, when I get angry, I charge! I don’t look back nor even think! I charge, to hurt! I charge to destroy! I charge to get even!
And I regret it afterwards.
May God continue to give me strength to control those rare times that I get angry.
I don’t want to be dismembered.

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