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Friday, February 26, 2010

Middle Eastern Men - Handsomest Men

Arab men or Middle Eastern men are the handsomest men I have ever seen, but then again, I haven't seen the rest of the world yet. But personally, since I am working and living in an Arab country, I find them so beguiling and enigmatic that I cannot help but stare everytime.

Of course, you will say 'cause I am gay, fine looking men would generally be handsome, but I tell you, they are indeed handsome men.

But definitely in my book, they're at the top of the list. Particularly the Saudis, they have best faces of all, from prominent noses, beautiful eyes, thin lips. I have never seen an Saudi who wore a sunglasses and doesn't look fabulous. Their noses are their best facial feature. They are friendly in general, talkative, sweet and nice. I have a Saudi friend, although he doesn't fall in the handsoment category, but what he lacks he supplements with kindness, sweetness and care. Whenever I am a little bit under the weather and call him, he would make an effort to drive me around, share a cup of coffee and just hand around and talk till I feel better.

Then there are the Syrians and the Lebaneses, they could easily replace the gorgeous men on magazine catalogues and Hollywood movies! Tall, eyes of shades of blue, gray and brown, nice physique, unlike the Saudis who are a bit stumped with big hips, these guys were almost perfect except for a little bit of an attitude, but generally cool guys. They're a also a little unhygienic, doesn't take a shower everyday, nor change clothes, but hey, like what I just said nobody's perfect, but nevertheless, they still look mighty fine to me, regardless. But most I meet are dishonest and would take much advantage of you liking them, I can't help at times to compare them to a male hustler as they would try. My best guess is that they KNOW they are gorgeous men and that whatever they show and give would need something in return. But hey, I am not generalizing these men, there are those who are great and nice guys, and goodluck.

Pakistanis were, well, they are like Syrian and Lebanese men, mostly the constuction workers and taxi drivers, these men were underrated, I once saw a handsome taxi driver who could easily be a print and cat-walk model in my country or any country given the chance, they are usually straight forward, but some were shy. Under the dirt and grime, dusts and sand, they are one of the best looking Middle Eastern men, sort of like the diamond in the rough. I met a lot of Pakistanis more than the abovementioned men, I get to know them better cause I have one particular special good-looking Pakistani guy, who is sweet, and caring and kind. One thing though, they also doesn't take shower much, just a splash here and there and they're fine. One thing though, they are clean down there, they make efforts in keeping it clean and smell-free (just don't ask me how I came to know ;-) )

Egyptian men are the rough-type of men, they are tan to brown, gazing eyes, tough appearance, manly in all ways, but they do have a soft side, and when they show it to you, they are generally nice guys. I have this Egyptian guys who are such a tease, keep me always at a distance and would tease me to madness! Hahaha! Just like again, these men have a common thing with the Syrians, Lebanese and Pakistanis, they also doesn't take their showers seriously.

I gues that's what's common with the Middle Eastern men, but this post are about how handsome, how gorgeous these men are, and they ARE. The country of arid deserts and sand storms brought men of such beauty that it could be a paradise for people like me. Although one should always be careful, because still this is a Muslim country and such show of interest might not always be beneficial if not healthy.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


In less than two weeks I'd be coming home. I can't wait to see the smile on my mother's face when we see each other again. I miss her and her cooking. I think I am going to spend more time with her this time.

Not to mention I would be hearing my nieces' and nephews' laughters again. They're bigger now, but they will always be my little angels.

There'd be non-stop sibling chit-chats again, talking the night away with my brothers and sister, sharing stories, laughters and some heart to heart talks.

Time to relax, to rejuvenate, to smell the roses as they say.

I promised myself to spend more time with my family this vacation. I miss them so much.

On the other side, I'd be seeing also my bestfriends. I miss them too. Friends that had been there through my ups and downs. Some time with them would be fun.

I'd be seeing my sister in Singapore, yes, I would be having a sidetrip in Singapore! Whoopeee! It would be my first time there, so my adventurous side would be up and running again, I'd be exploring each nook and cranny of Singapore and that would be very, very nice.

Then before I come back, if plans would push through, I'd be meeting a friend in Hongkong, one of my favorite places to visit. I miss Hongkong too, been there a couple of times, and I just love it there.

But not to forget, I'd be there during the Lenten Season, and I could be doing a Visita Iglesia hopefully, if time still permits. Otherwise, just a quiet time with the family would be good.

A month isn't that long, but I'll make the most of it. After all, it's not what I bring home that matters, but just being with the people I love and care about is worth more than the Balikbayan Box I'd be carrying home, or is it? hmmmmmmm....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Workout Thing

and I

I told myself when I get home this March, I'd be a little different, so I started working out, and I think I like what I am seeing already...what do you think?

Friday, February 5, 2010


Here I am writing again about friendships.
How many people do we meet and call friends? I am not sure anymore. I used to measure friendships with the degree of togetherness and the times they're there when you are down, and share your joys and pains. But that became a question because of an incident.

Nonetheless, I come to terms with the issue and slowly letting it go.
Saw this movie Dostana, a Bollywood Movie set in Miami, Florida. Dostana is an Indie word that mean a Friend. A very light story of three friends, two guys, Kunal, a fashion photographer and Sameer, a Nurse and a gal, Neha who is an aspiring magazine editor. Both men are in love with the girl but cannot tell her as they pretended to be a gay couple in order to get to live in a great looking apartment with the girl.

Jealousy among each of the men makes them do things just to get the girl's attention but eventually loses to another guy, the girl's boss in a very prestigious magazine publication.

They joined together in order to drive the would be suitor away and succeeded but all backfired and loses the girl. In order to forgive the two, Neha's boss/boyfriend together with her dared them to kiss in front of a crowd. They begged off as they are not really gay, and as Neha turned away the crowd roared in shouts and claps, Kumal and Sam were kissing on the stage. Neha then run towards them and they all group-hugged and all became well again as their Dostana is far deeper than anything else andthey are bestfriends. Arm in arm they took Neha to the boyfriend and handed her over as she was an orphan, kneeled and asked the boss to marry her.

I laughed, got teary-eyed, enjoyed the music and felt good afterwards. It was one of the best films I had ever saw at almost 2 hours! The movie included some MTV like dance scenes which are also a delight to the ears and the eyes.

Which brings me back to the main topic, up to what extent can a friend go just to ask forgiveness to another friend? These guys swallowed their pride, kissed, kneeled and cried just to gain their friend's trust again. Why? Because they LOVE each other.

I think there should be love between friends, not just "be friends" and share laughters, fun times, sad times, jokes, and what have you. I think I am going to look for a friend who will love me and not just be friends with me. Sounds far-fetched and you might wish me "goodluck!" Nevertheless, there's no harm in trying, right? I'll start with me, instead of saying I like my friends, I will start to say I love my friends and then go from there.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How To Cope Up With Sadness and Depression - SHOPPING (And A Little Bit Of Laughter)

No matter how hard I try not to splurge this winter season sale here in Riyadh, no can't do! And since, I've been having my low moments, anxiety, loneliness and slight depression, there is only one and only one way to relieve myself. Go shopping.

Hmmm, this sale season, and thanks to my everloving and ever reliable friend Norman, who just knows me too well and, ehem, cared enough to try to lift me up, dragged me to the mall and enjoyed ourselves rummaging inside boutiques and stores.

What have I bought, let me count the expenses (oh gee!)...

1 Shirt from A/X
1 Pair of White Jeans from Pull and Bear
1 Pair of Red (Controversial Jeans) from Bershka (actually a gift from Norman)
2 Pairs of Zara Shoes
2 Shirts from Zara
1 Polo from Zara
1 Bottle of Perfume from Zara
1 Shirt from Pull and Bear
1 Sleeveless Hooded Shirt from Pull and Bear
2 Polos from Jack and Jones
2 Sneakers from Zara
2 Zara Leather Bags
1 Aldo Shoulder/Hand Bag

...and please somebody stop me!

Not to mention I got approved in my application for a 0% Installment Plan at Jarir Bookstore and got me a nice Touchscreen Desktop PC in White!

I love to be lonely. I get to have all these.

Anyway, to make it complete, hanging around with Norman is a delight. I get to hear a lot of stories about his "misbehaviors" and "misadventures" and we get to laugh out loud.

Sometimes I would wonder, why this guy, straight as a flagpole, loves pussy so much, forgive me the word, hang out with me? Well, to give me peace, I asked him why and he told me, the most flattering compliments one can ever get, "I learn a lot from you!" ... "You say the words I needed to hear." ... "You guide me." If those words won't get me to a climax then call me frigid!

If only Norman is my type. But ours would be of the platonic kind. Though sometimes I get to have headaches due to his boy-like attitude, but nevertheless I find it amusing.

He's there when I need someone to cheer me up. At work when I don't feel like smiling or having a bad day, he'd just do the sweetest thing and I am up and running!

Wait, if you so ever read these Norman, don't let it get into your head! I am just honouring how lucky I am I met you. Or else, I'll bury you in the sand!

So a sound advice, if you ever get lonely, be with your bestest friend and go shopping, don't forget to laugh all the way, who'd need a therapist?