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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Letting Go and Letting God

It is difficult to let go of the things that got hold of you.
Be it an object, a person, a habit, a memory, or a feeling. Even though we know deep in our hearts, once we let these things go, it will be a start of something good for us, something new or better, will set us free.

You may ask me how? I honestly don't know how, but I can share this, I am letting go of a feeling and a person by first forgiving. They say it is as hard to let go as to forgive. God forgives so why can't we? Slowly, this anger in my heart is ebbing away. I pray everynight, I pray the rosary every night and each decade has a special prayer, I often dedicate a decade to this issue and towards the person I am having this issue. Soon it will be over. Letting go and letting God and fate take care of everything between us. I forgive.

Another is letting go this vice of mine,and to do this I go for prayer power! I share this prayer with a special friend as she also has a vice she is seriously wanting to let go. So we pray together.

We had this sharing of thoughts after praying together, and we talked about letting go. I told her, MAYBE, just maybe the blessings in our lives and the answers to our prayers would pour out from heaven once we LET GO of our vices and all the things that clutter our daily lives? Maybe these hard to let go feelings and vices and things prevents us from receiving fully God's blessings in our lives.
Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could, we receive when we give and when we give up and sacrifice things, there's always a reward after. Not that we are after the reward really. It's just how things go.
So I am starting to let go. Slowly, painfully, but steadily. Who knows really?

All I know is God knows everything including our deepest secrets and desires, and He is just waiting, waiting and waiting, for us to give in, to let go and take hold of His hand.


  1. i will always remember you in my prayers. be strong and keep the faith!

    musta ka na?

  2. hi! long time ah...am good...ikaw? musta na kayo? nag pa-Playa pa ba kayo?

  3. just hold on... whatever the cost. now u r really in the stage of personal relationship with the one who can only save us, Jesus!

  4. Thanks Josh, I know that perfectly well.

    And I do hope to meet you someday.