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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Khamis Mushayt, Aseer

Situated just 30km before Abha, a two day trip in Khamis Mashayt for my friends' badminton tournament is quite interesting. Eventhough the lack of limousines (as they call their taxis here) tends to limit the places you can go on your own but the private cars make up for it and for SR 2.00 will get you at least 5km to anywhere but where will I go in Khamis? After taking pictures of my friend and the newfound friends I made, I decided to explore the immediate surroundings for a photo opportunity. Scouring the surrounding areas I find a highway with dizzying speeding cars which is not surprising, a truck parking lot, a large garbage dump and an open warehouse for brick, mables and tiles. I decide to try the garbage dump which immediately surprised me as not smelly and not full either. I saw broken crates, old tires, plastic and bottle containers, tin cans, sacks of old rice and some discarded appliances. A budding photographer like me should find beauty and art even in unlikely places and I did. I took pictures of the old tires, arranged containers in a row and shot them too. I also saw a pair of old and rugged shoes, posed them and took some shots. When I had my enjoyment filled, I left the dump but out of the corner of my eye I saw a small patch of yellow daisies amidst a broken wall and excitedly I took to opportunity as well. My first day out of three was not bad at all. I am still looking forward for more opportunities in the coming days in another place as there are more places to see. So for starters, here are some:

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