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Friday, September 30, 2011

9 Life Truths We Should Be Aware Of

Surfing the net, I have come across an article that is full of wisdom that I need to share them with you. It was written by Sherri, Serene Journey. It is about the 9 T's (or Truths) about life that we need to know about.
We all know that there are millions of books, sites, and articles that discusses about personal development, improvement of whatever we would like to name it. It is also inspiring to know that there are many people who wanted to make that change in their lives and share their experiences with everyone. But, there are also a lot of insignificant things out there and a few are stated below, and there are some things we are not told about either simply because some people just want to be nice, trying to stay positive or maybe just don't get the idea. Here are some things that we may all be familiar already or maybe unaware of and needed the reminder.

.1. No one’s life is perfect. Some people try to look as if their lives are this perfect picture of a happy being, but I bet that they too have their fair share of flaws. They may appear to have it all, large sum of money, big houses, high paying jobs, popular with people, always smiling. Perfect? Really? Hmm...maybe they're neck up in debt and living beyond their means? Maybe.  There is usually a lot we do not see and appears to be perfect may not be so.
2. Life is never smooth sailing. Life likes to play with us by putting us almost always in a lot of difficult situtions. This is but normal and we must remember that the world isn't out to get us.  We can look at it on a different perspective life a challenge that we need to overcome for us to really want to reach our goals. WE cannot control everything and we must go with the flow, learn from these obstacles, re-thing and change our directions if need be.
3. Nobody likes a know-it-all. Really. There is nothing as irritating than being alone in a conversation with someone who thinks they know everything about everything. I am sure in one way or another we encounter these people or someone like this and I am sure we can't hardly wait to escape. There is no harm in admitting we don't know something. Let us stop blabbering about something we don't really have any knowledge about.
4. Humility is under rated. Some of the nicest people are also the most humble people. They have done great things with their lives and achieved great things but we would never know it. They are not the first ones to bring up any of their successes and in fact shy away a lot of what they have done. These are the people that have every right to brag and maybe be a bit arrogant, yet they remain humble.
5. Life is more about the journey than the destination.  So we have a destination in mind perhaps it’s being debt free, moving to a new country, or retiring early. No one cares as much about this goal as we do. Once we get to the finish line if we look back and think , was it really worth it? If we had taken it slower or see things a bit differently, maybe we could have come out the other end having learned more, or having had more fun. Sacrifice is good when it moves us closer to where we want to be but don’t sacrifice so much such that we don’t enjoy the journey there.
6. People dislike complainers. I am convinced that some people complain just to annoy, for something to do, or they simply enjoy complaining. When people complain about something but do nothing on how to solve the problem it gets frustrating. If we have no potential solutions try going with the flow and take things as they come. If something is really and truly irritates us try and come up with a few different solutions as to how to solve it. It’s so much more challenging to actually do something rather than simply complain about it.
7. Nobody knows everything about everything. Similar to no 3. Granted, there are some people who are very knowledgeable, highly intelligent and know a lot about a lot of different things, we don't need to be one of them especially if we’re not. People in general can tell when someone truly knows what they’re talking about and when they are just trying to be a know-it-all. Be real and don’t try to live up to something that it is impossible.
8. Big rewards usually come after taking a big risk. If we are willing to really push ourselves, take a huge risk and make some sacrifices we may see very large rewards. This usually means stepping out of our comfort zone and taking chances and the rewards can certainly be well worth it.
9.When something doesn’t make sense you likely don’t have all the facts. This I’ve learned from experience. When I don’t understand what the heck is going on or if someone’s actions just aren’t seemed right, it’s likely I don’t have all the information. Once everything comes out or we are told exactly what is going on it all seems to come together. So before you jump to conclusions and start taking things personally try giving people the benefit of the doubt and extend a bit of patience and understanding.

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