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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trying Too Hard

I saw this little old movie, Groundhog Day, it is a story about a man trapped in a never ending time sequence, he always end up on the same day, same time and meeting the same people and the same circumstance.
It is a wonderful way of showing how cause and effect happens. All situations are the same each day, but the actor reacts to each day differently, sometimes he's bored, then frustrated and then angered. The iteration of events that he wants to remain the same does not always end up the same. It just shows how we don't have any control over events. When he got over his frustrations, he starts to enjoy with the people he met, thinking that with foreknowledge of the events there are amazing things he can accomplish. However, there is this one thing that he cannot seem to control too, winning the affection of the woman he fell in love with. No matter how he tried, he cannot win her over.
Finally, when he stopped controlling reality and starts to accept his predicament, suddenly things began to change. He concentrated on helping people and his character slowly changes until he becomes a different person. Soon he became the person that the woman wanted to get to know and won her heart. Only then the timewarp stopped and he went back to the normal time.
The movie gave a great life lesson because it teaches that when we strive too hard for the things we really want, we can end up unconsciously pushing them away from us. Sometimes, what is important in order for us to get what we want is to take a more accepting approach to what happens in our life. Somewhat counter-react to it, and it may turn out that we can often get the girl (or boy) by actually letting her (or him) go. The closer we try to hold on to her (or him), the less attractive we become.
But this lesson is not just about relationships. We can see the same truth going out in many ways. When we try too hard to make money, for example, we unconsciously push away opportunities that may be intended for us, but when we try to go with the situation and the needs of others first , forgetting about our own, then things can begin to dramatically change.

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