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Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's With Angry Birds?

If you haven't heard about this phenomenal video game yet then you must have been living on the moon, even so, with its popularity, even there these cute little angry birds may have reached its success.
So what's with this game? It is quite simple to play, the goal is to break all the barriers that hides the pigs, which are the thieves who stole the birds' eggs. Simple yes, but as you go on with each level it becomes a little bit difficult. The first of the series simply called Angry Birds, then the next series of versions came out, from Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio (an integration of the character of Blue in the cartoon movie Rio).
Be it a kid or a kid at heart, everyone is hooked with this game, not to mention myself. I spent more than an hour each night playing with it, something to help me feel sleepy, but when the game is getting quite intense and I really wanted to pass a certain level, I had to restrain myself or else I will never have any sleep at all!
I wonder how these game began, from my research, the game simply started when some geniuses from Finland wanted to develop a game that would create a sensation. Inspired by another game of the same concept called Crash the Castle, where catapults would destroy castles, this time angry looking birds, in all cuteness were the characters, but they needed an enemy and a motive and during those time in the late 2009, the swine flu virus is on the rise and since pigs are the culprits, they decided to make them the targets. From then on, there's no stopping this game from being downloaded from phone to phone and now it can be installed and played on PCs, not to mention merchandise like t-shirts, stuffed toys, figurines, notebooks among other things.

But to me, aside from helping me feel sleepy at night, this game is a great way to relieve a stressful day, imagine pouring out your stress and maybe even anger on those poor liitle pigs by trying to break and destroy glasses, houses, woods, crates and what have you! Instead of doing these things in actual settings, better let those pigs have it! Just don't throw your mobile phones when you can't seem to get pass a level, there was a time I almost did! Lols!

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