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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Best Way To Start The Day

What we choose to do as soon as we get up in the morning will surely set the tone of our day.
If we wake up, lay in bed for a while, creep into the bathroom slowly, prepare coffee and so on...our day pretty well follows suit. Slow and boring, by noon, we are sleepy and even before it is time to go home from work we already feel tired.
If however, when we wake up and work out, hit the shower or get outside and start working our day takes a totally different perspective.
The best way to start everyday is in exactly the manner we want our day to go about.

Ask yourself:
What will make me feel good about myself?
What can I accomplish if I get going right away?
What if I take it easy and take my time to get going?
How you answer these questions will help you figure out how you are going to start your day tomorrow. Give it some thought.

The best way to start my everyday:

Wake up, immediately gulp two glasses of water, work out for 20 minutes, hit the shower and head for work. When I do this, especially the working out I feel great in the morning. In the first hours of the day I feel I have actually accomplish something, healthwise. This leaves the rest of the day going through work and at the end of the day feel more accomplished and still have enough energy for a short run around the block, and other stuffs for a while before sleeping.

Now it’s your turn: what is the best way to start your everyday?

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