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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How To Be Perpetually Unhappy

Deviating from what's going on around me here, well, nothing that worthy anyway, for now. I would like to try to help myself and others by simply sharing some inspirational thoughts and words which are based from what I read and learned from others. You may have noticed that I have already started with some of my posts lately, and here is one I hope you find worthy of reading.
We are all in search for happiness, and for those who have found theirs, well, my envy and my congratulations goes out to you, but for us still searching for it, I think we have to search inwards more than outwards. But there are those who no matter what they do they simply cannot elevate themselves to being light-hearted at least and be happy.
There are ways to be unhappy, maybe we are already doing it and that is why that quest for happiness seemed to elude us. Let me elaborate more on how to be perpetually unhappy.
To be successfully unhappy we should constantly live in the past. Unhappy people are stuck in the past, going over and over at every situation and wishing they could have done it differently. Fortunately for us the past cannot be changed nor can the outcome, so we will always have something to live upon.
The IF ONLYs.  Many people live in “if only” world. If only I had money in millions, if only I was born somewhere else, if only this and if only that. This is similar to living in the past, but this time it’s the fictitious past as it didn’t even happen.
Most probably too we value things not people. Some unhappy people take pleasure in owning big, flashy, shiny things. Some get their sense of importance based on what they have. If you know anyone like this then you probably also know that many of their relationships with actual people are far from healthy or ideal.
Like me, sometimes I focus on my weaknesses. To be truly unhappy simply talk yourself out of ever trying anything or taking a chance because it’s “not one of your strengths”. This is a great way to remain in our misery and never expose ourselves to new opportunities or experiences.
Do you worry about everything? Some people are quite often "happy" playing the “what if game”. It is guaranteed these people aren’t too happy about it (I know I’ve been there). What if this happens? And what if that happens? This causes great stress especially when all we can see is the worst possible outcomes.
And lastly, maybe we are never contented because there’s always something better out there. If we never want to find happiness then stay with the “grass is greener over there” way of thinking.
So there, most of the time I am guilty of some of these, but changing one's perspective and way of thinking  will always be the cure, instead of sulking and living out unhappiness, let's try to change things from now on and maybe happiness is not that far away.

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