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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moroccans, East Asians and South Africans, Seriously?

Todays paper, on the second page and on a small corner, there's this news that says "Moroccan Maids On Their Way." This is to answer the need of maids, baby sitters and household help in the Kingdom as they send home the other Asian household they take for granted.
I feel sad and angry at times when I hear and read something degrading about my fellow "Kabayans" and truly the increase in salary that we demand from time to time are all worth every halala.
Now they are importing domestic assistants from Morocco, East Asia and South Africa, I'd say, goodluck!
When it comes to TLC, that's Tender Love and Care, I'd fight for my Kabayans. We are raised in a loving home, where tender loving care from our Pinoy parents abound, shared and savoured. Our mothers would almost smother us and nothing beats the way they raise us. The way they run the household can be compared to a platoon commander on a mission. So much so that my fellow Kabayan domestic assistants were loved all over the world, simply because they share the same nurturing characteristics they learned from their mothers to the people they serve, and that is with all heart and soul. That is why the stories of hardships and abuse saddens me. When they stopped hiring Pinoy helps, did they think it's our lost? Nada! That'a what they think, but I know they lose the best thing they ever had.
I am not familiar with Moroccan helps, nor South Africans, all I know is that these replacements will not par at all.
I hope I am mistaken with these assumptions. But I really do believe it's not our lost, really, not at all.

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