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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Photography Dreams

I always like photogaphy, but only given the chance to have my own camera at this period in my life, so I am making the most of it, I enrolled in a photography class too in order to understand fully the technicalities and the theories behind this, a little expensive but rewarding hobby.
Like everything elese, whenever we are into something we dream of being great at it, if not the best the least. So what are my dreams with regards to learning about photography? They say we are free to dream, and if we do, we have to dream big, so here goes, you with me?

- I would like to have my own photo exhibit someday.
- Work in an international institution, like UN or any internationally funded organization.
- At least some work be chosen in National Geographic.
- Have my own coffee table book.
- Travel the world and document each place.
- Win a Photo Contest.
- Commissioned for a photo job documenting an event, or catalogue products and services.

Well, these are some, and still I have a long, long way  to go, but I am already on the go in pursuit of these dreams. Hopefully, some of these, if not all, may come true, and who knows, an opportunity may be already be presenting itself soon. Thinking positive.

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