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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ang Masasabi Ko Lang...Eh Ano Ngayon? (All I Can Say Is...So What?)

Last night, am being one of the boys, yes, that's right, sometimes, I pretend to be straight and go out with the boys, not that they don't know, but just for the fun of it. Though they wished, I was really "one of the boys" and I just laughed about it.

Anyway, through much cajoling from Norman (my straight buddy-buddy) I was dragged into one of the local malls in Riyadh (I won't be mentioning 'cause of the sensitivity of the topic for reasons I cannot divulge why.)

Ok, we were rummaging among the sale items and I can't help gawking from the wild variety of clothing at a very reasonable price. There's even one shirt from a very famous European brand that caught my fancy at 50% discount which I am aching to buy, but can't due to restricted budget. I told myself, a shopaholic that I am I must have that shirt or I won't be getting enough sleep in the coming days!

There was one very funny moment when Norman found some shirts at a very low price,

"Uyy, teneneneng-teneng, shirt, for SR 29!" exclaimed Norman.
"Hanep ah, may sound pa, para tayong mga bata! Ha, ha!" said Michael. (..."we're like kids.")
"Ha, ha, ha!" I kept laughing.
"Teneneng-teneng!, teneneneng-teneng!" Michael sang repeatedly.
"Patay tayo dyan o!" said Norman. ("I am dead!")
"Ha, ha, ha!" I still laugh.
It became the theme of the evening, whenever we found something cool, we blurted out "Teneneneng-teneng!"

After one boutique to another, I met my dear, dear couple Ivy and Benjie in the same mall as I was going out of one stall, after hi and hello, we althogether went to another boutique, of course with the boys. Like we always do, Benjie went with the boys and get to hang out with Ivy, and as always too, we get to find things that makes us both laugh, giggle like little girls and be bad for a minute and find it amusing!

In one store we saw this guy, we slowly approached while pretending to check some shirts and after we were close enough to catch a glimpse of the guy...

"Ang masasabi ko lang eh, ilong." Ivy blurted out. ("All I can say is, Nose.")
"Ilong?" I answered. ("Nose")
"Oo noh, ilong." and I laughed. ("Yes, Nose")
"Ang bad natin noh?" said Ivy giggling. ("We're bad!")

The boys came and she said to Norman.

"Ikaw Norman, ano masasabi mo?" Ivy as she pointed at the guy. ("You Norman, what can you say?")
"Ah, eh, di naman ako interesado eh!" Norman, smiling. ("Ah, eh, am not interested.")
"Hay naku, buti na lang friend kita or else!" ("Oh well, be glad you're my friend, or else")
"Oo nga, or else!" I said and laughed again.("Yeah, or else!")

(Later, on the way home, Norman asked me, about the "or else" from Ivy, and I explained to him that "or else" you're going to be our victim of amusement!)

A friend once told me that it is bad to find amusing about other people, especially their physicalities, not that I am being defensive, yeah, we might be guilty, yes, it is bad to laugh at other people, but "EH ANO NGAYON?"


We don't take it seriously though, and we don't mean any harm. It's just an impression, physical that is, and an immediate reaction to that impression. That's all.

"Eh ano ngayon?"

Before we depart from that mall, Ivy pulled me back to the famous European brand boutique and told me to get the shirt that I'd been eyeing about! I told her if it's meant to be mine, it will be mine, and with wide-eyed answer, she said "IT'S YOURS!"

That same evening, after my usual nightly ritual, I stood in front of the mirror and tried a red-orange colored, body-fit shirt with buttons on the shoulder.

Looks good and I went to sleep, smiling.


  1. second paragraph, I smell something fishy!

  2. Now that I am loving him more... I must say that it was foul!