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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Zara and Me

I fell in love with Zara.
Zara who? Yes, I love Zara.

Wait a minute, before you think that I have gone the other way or I woke up and realized that I have gone straight (you wish!), Zara is not a she, but a what, a Spain-based Brand of Clothing that creates classic looking collection of wardrobes and trendy casuals that looks sophisticated, yet not trashy, I'd say, formal, unique, cool and fabulous!

Not cheap though, a set of coat and trousers would cost one a whooping SR 1,000.00 well almost, and for an average-earning OFW that is already the equivalent of a month's remittance back home. Again, wait a minute before you judge me about my spending habits, let me make this clear, I only buy a Zara when they are on SALE! As you can buy the last season collection from 25% up to 70% Off!

Actually Zara Sale is an awaited event, not only to the local Saudis but also to the Filipinos here. It's the only time we can have our most eyed item at an affordable cost.

Wearing the clothes makes me feel confident, smart, classic, vibrant and cool! Combine it with their line of perfume! Fabulous! I feel I am ready, fabulously ready for the world!

I am not sure how much is a Zara back home, but I think I won't be able to afford it there, so I would try to collect them here, as much as I can or when my budget permits. You might say, I must have a lot of clothes, I'd say I do not, would you believe if I told you that the only clothes I owe now are the ones I've manage to accumulate here?

A few months ago, back home, there was a fire incident that consumed 1/8 of our house in Cavite and unfortunately, it was my room that was burned almost to ashes. How I almost lose my balance when my sister called me, after the initial how's everything, the kids, Mama, their safety was verified, it sank in me that I lost everything there, my collection of CDs and DVDs, my collection of books, my dolls, well, KEN Dolls that is, and of course my clothes! Gone!

So whatever clothes I have now are all here with me in Riyadh. I don't have much Zara yet, but maybe in time.

One thing is for sure, I love this brand, and will patronize it as long as I am in Saudi Arabia.

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