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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Featured Model

A good friend and photographer, Jay Plogman from Cincinnati,Ohio featured me in his blog site as one of his past models. It was really flattering and makes me feel proud to be part of his collection.

I met him (and his partner) over a personals website and we clicked immediately.
We've chatted for a while and tried to set up a schedule for a photosession.

When an opportunity to come to Boracay with some friends arised and at the same the Jay and Edson also had planned to go there for a vacation, we're set to a meeting there and the rest was, well, a photo smorgasboard.

Like what Edson posted in his blogsite, we talked as though we already know each other for a long time. He was nice, eloquent, very smart and funny, his better half Edson which I met after was the same, intelligent, very nice, kind and as goodlooking as Jay. They are a very goodlooking couple I'd say.

I may not be the runway type, but I think I'd do to some photographer's eye.

Here's his site link:


Thanks Jay and I miss you together with Edson and our never ending talks about things and life.

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