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Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Mama Mia, Here I Go Again..."

Why does it, that when it comes to meeting people whom you think will have a great part or at least have a bit part to play in your life, they come in so many unexpected ways?

I met Hammad (not his real name) a Syrian, through a mutual friend, two weeks ago and since then I am having butterflies inside my stomach everytime we meet. He was a tag-along company of a Jordanian friend, and the first time I saw him, well, you know the feeling.

Here I am advising another friend about his deep-seated infatuation over a guy when I myself am falling into one. Maybe one of life's ironies, maybe life is getting back at me, maybe daring me to try my own advice! Ironies or no ironies, we often DO NOT follow what we advice to others,right? It's better that way 'cause where would the thrill be if I heed my own advice?

Mama mia, here I go again, my, my, how can I resist you?...

He is a nice guy, tall, slender, beautiful eyes, like all Middle Eastern men do, charming and nice, and I'd like to think we'll be sharing some part of our lives together here in Saudi Arabia. He seemed to be into it so I assumed he's interested, you know what I mean? We talked a lot, (which is what I like most, as I get to know him better, rather than just know how compatible we are in bed!). I also feel it's not the sex, cause funny though, I find myself shying away WHICH I find unusual, really (not that making love with him is a bore, we'll get to that, later, if I remember!)

We've met a lot of times, shared our life stories, watched movies (loves Jackie Chan so I downloaded his movies to his delight), and just held each other. The feeling really is good. Real good. He kisses me when I least expected it. He would have me lay my head on his arms but we don't sleep together, for he find it uncomfortable sleeping on the bed and enjoys laying on the floor! That's fine as long as I know he's there still beside me, even just on the floor.

He works in a restaurant as an order-taker in one of the busy districts here in Riyadh, from 3PM till 2AM with no day-off! He complains of too much people coming and going, standing all through the night and getting tired all the time. What a symphatetic, hopelessly romantic and infatuated guy to do? Massage his two tired legs and feet of course:

"Hmm, enta kuayes, habibi...hmmm, hada miya-miya!" he quips.
"Akid? Munken enta ma-ebqa!" I said, worriedly.
"La, la! Ana ebqa, miya-miya Charlie, shokran, shokran, walah, ana taban kathir habibi, ana ebqa enta."

Then he would look at me, and {I wonder what he thinks) I would ask, "Esh ebqa, fi mushkala?" He'll shake his head and just smile at me and look away.

"Andyan ka na naman, tinutukso-tukso ang aking puso, ilang ulit na bang, iniiwasan ka, di na natuto..." ("Here you are again, tempting my heart, how many times I try to elude you, I never learned.")

That said, I'll try to take this slow, and hopefully, something good will happen. Wish me luck.

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  1. didn't really understand the arabic dialogue...

    but would love to read more on the development between you two...