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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Is All I Know

Just when I am starting to forget you
I got a missed call from out of the blue.
And I am now breaking myself in two
If I am going to, or not going to call you.

Why do you torture me this way?
I tried to be the best in anyway.
We're two different races but I know how to sway.
Is this how you people play?

Like always, I gave in and call.
You said hi and I say hello.
"Keif fak?" I said and not much at all.
You then said "Ana kuayes." and I fall. (Once more.)

Your voice, got me, and I swoon.
I feel like flying to the moon.
"I missed you" in your sweetest tone.
"Ana ebka enta," and I am gone. (Again.)

How can I resist you, tell me how?
I don't want it like this, I don't know.
One more time, and then you have to go.
One more mistake, this is all I know.

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