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Friday, January 29, 2010

I Only Pray He'd Miss Me Too

Losing a friend is not easy, especially when the reason is too shallow to even be a reason. It pains me knowing that after everything we've shared together, suddenly it ends.
I am sad, it had to end that way. I wished it was something deep for the pain would not be that much.
But it's not. I have to take pride in and let fate decide.
I asked another friend why we ended up this way, and he told me that because we don't expect them to behave that way with us, knowing that we're close, cared and love each other.I guess. I can only guess.
But the harm is done. I just have to move on, and learn from it.

And yet, still it bothers me. I will not get over this. Until when I don't know.
There's a reason for everything and whatever the reason this had happened to us, God only knows and only time will tell.

I will surely miss my friend. I only pray he'd miss me too.

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