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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Love si Friend

Do you know, what it feels like for a girl, do you know? - Madonna

A friend of mine told me that he's in love. Ok, with so much enthusiasm he related how head over heels, no, better word is how gagah he is getting over this guy who works in one of my company's retail store. He's like a sixteen year old girl! I am sure that's how he is feeling lately.

I am happy for him, though. It's nice to see people who are in love. You see them beaming with energy, excitement and the term "everything seems a bed of roses" applies.

I just hope he's not the only person who's feeling elated. I wonder how his object of affection is doing? As it takes two to tango, right?

Hay, love, ano ba? Me, the last time I fell in love, or I think I fell in love were last year when I met this incredibly handsome and sweet Syrian guy who swept me off my feet! It was an almost perfect love affair, but due to some circumstances, it was short and left me hanging by the edge of my sanity. He has to go home to his father, got his return visa expired and left with no choice but to stay in his country! I call him once in while since then, he sends a message as rarely as the desert rain. Sometimes he cries (and I wonder why), and our lives would go on. I miss him though,his smile, his voice, the way he held me in his arm when we sleep together, his kisses, ooohh, his kisses!

There were others whom I met, and I immediately end it when after "getting to know each other" in bed, I would feel our relationship would not leave "that" bed. I'd like to have a meaningful one again, something to inspire me, someone I can take care of and will take care of me. Somebody to wake up in the morning, or kiss me goodnight. Say "how's your day dear?" wouldn't that take your stress away? Simply someone to love and loved back.

They say not to look 'cause love will find me, others say I must look and how would that person meet me if I am not looking! Kalokah!

Anyway, I believe in FATE so let the universe decide! Go!

Back to my friend, I told him to take it slowly and try to get to know each other well. Sometimes love doesn't make us think, we just act on impulse and more often we tend to get our heart broken. We give it all on the first chance we can get and by the time we're in it, we have not much left to give to keep the relationship going. Nevertheless, being in love is still a very nice feeling. I hope I get a knack at it again and hopefully soon.

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