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Friday, January 15, 2010

Focus, Focus, Focus, Consistency

It dawned on me when I reviewed my past posts that, like my mind, which is a clutter of thoughts and ideas, I am not sure what my blog is all about.

Although, I write on impulse, what on my mind at the moment and what bothers me, I try to put it words and post them.

If I am feeling elated, angry, sad, an issue affects me, something had happened I simply put my thoughts and feelings on a platter and served them hot and smoking!

But still, like right now, I am bothered (or should I be?) as to what my blog should be about. I changed my template to make it more dramatic, I changed my header and header caption ...The Arabian Nights...Adventures and Misbehaviors...and then I got it, I'd be writing from now on my everyday life here in the Middle East, actual events but fictitious names (just to be safe) that I encounter as I go on each day.

I may fall into trouble, meet interesting people, go to interesting places, the men, the experience with them, falling in and out of love (ehem) , the joys and pains of being an OFW, far from your family and friends, the new relationships built here, the "misbehaving" and what have you.

Or am I doing it already? Hay...anyway, nevertheless, I'll try to focus and hopefully make my blogsite more interesting to everyone.

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