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Friday, January 15, 2010

So Humbling

I have a blog-friend, so to speak, named Nebz and he has his own blogsite called ISLA DE NEBZ, he works in Al Khobar, Eastern part of Saudi Arabia and I often find his comments in some of my posts. His blog is about a lot of things really, but mostly about Filipinos working and living in Saudi Arabia.

He has his own personal favorite blogs he "find" worthy of taking some time to visit and read! I was surprised to find mine among his list with a brief introduction and description which I find humbling not to mention touching:

"I Am Carlo Magno is a new blog by a Riyadh-based OFW. Says Carlos: "We only have one life ot live and to wait for something to happen is not the thing to do. Go and explore the world. It is there for you, waiting..." His posts are sometimes religious, sometimes irreverent and mostly heart-warming. A good read." - Nebz, Isla de Nebz

It is my sole purpose to share my personal life to everyone, not to brag, nor to get as many fans or what have you, I only want to share my experience in the hope that someone would find it, well, at least bit entertaining, worthy of their time, and if they learn something from it, that'll be my reward.

(And speaking of rewards, I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Nebz for winning the PEBA or Pinoy Expat Blog Awards! Way to go Nebz!)

Thanks Nebz and hope to meet you in person, kailan kaya ako ulit maliligaw sa Damman?

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  1. Thank you, Carlo. And congrats too for your new abode.