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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Who Are You Stranger?

Just when I am about to gave up on finding
Someone that might bring back that spark
There you are, standing in front of me,
Beguiling, smiling
And the smell of cigarette catched my senses
The musky, manly fragrance that you carry.

Like a whirlwind it carried me.
I float, I soar, I hovered above us.
You still stood before me, I am above you.
Who are you, stranger?
Where you came from?
Were you that someone I prayed for?
Or just another bead to add in my
Personal rosary?

I came back to my trembling body
You tried to held me as if I am about to fall.
I might be, for you caught my fancy.
I will try to see, where this would lead me. Us.
For you seem a little distant, for now.
Maybe, just maybe, you and I
I and you, who knows, dreams do come true.

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