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Friday, January 22, 2010

Going Crazy Over Itunes

I have a collection of over 6000+ songs in my Itunes/Ipod and I decided to categorize them in a variety of ways, by artist, by genre, by album etc. I realized it will take much more time doing it that way, so I decided the "by artist" category.

Nonetheless, the task is tedious! Its driving me mad! Not only that, in order to make the list more complete and better looking is that I have to search the net for the album covers and attached it per song, per song!

Although some of the albums already have the album cover attached, but the majority hasn't got any specially the Standards and Classic songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Is there a better and easier way to do this? Hayayay!

Anyway, I am sure once I am done with this, (and not knowing when) I will have a more organize music collection.

I love music better than movies, one thing is that it is readily available, just popped in the headset and wherever you are, the music is with you, to accompany you in whatever mood you are feeling.

I am also into movie soundtracks, those instrumental melodies while a certain scene is being shown that adds thrill, feeling and elation while watching it. Who wouldn't have at least an album of Enya? Whenever I need some inner peace and relaxation, I just play her music and I'd feel better.

Most played were my Madonna, Mariah and Beyonce collection, I never forget my Savage Garden, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin and Boyce Avenue too.

Feeling nostalgic, I'd play Barbra, Dionne and Diana Ross. Wanting to catch up with the latest, there's Jordin Sparks, Keane, Coldplay, Rhianna and Chris Brown.

I have my Arabic, Hebrew, French and Spanish songs some from the gay-themed movies I watched and loved that I try hard to find in the net. My whole CD collection back home was lost in a fire but I am glad I have copied most of them the last time I was home for a vacation in my Itunes, and my rare collection of gay-themed musical songs that was a gift from a long pass "special friend" luckily I copied and was gone in the fire too.

Nowadays I must admit one doesn't have the need to buy a CD of one's favorite artist, it's all in the net for us to download and most often for free! (Though sometimes I wonder if music stores will eventually close and lose business because of this.)

Nevertheless, who cares? As long as we enjoy music, whichever way we get them, does not matter anyway.

So back to my Itunes Library, oh well, enough words, I'd better go back and try to finish consolidating and categorizing as much as I can before I got bored doing it.

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