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Monday, February 9, 2009

I Need To Get Inspired!

I NEED TO GET INSPIRED! Inspired to do certain things.

1. Get on with my novel, yes, ladies and gentlemen, aa novel! Believe it or not! I stopped for a while due to lack of inspiration.
2. Continue my workout!
3. Go to places and start with Egypt. Yes, I want to see the world or at least some part of the world which I dreamt of visiting.
4. To continue to be enthusiastic with my current job. I know things are not going on smoothly. There are problems in my workplace. I feel like I am being left behind when it comes to incentives salary status. But it doesn't really matter really, I just need some moral booster, but from who?
5. Finish reading the books I bought months ago.
6. Eat healthy.
7. Get more sleep.
8. Slow down when it comes to S..! Temptation, be gone, away from me, far, far away!
9. Start painting pictures and abstracts again.
10.To be more kind and get in touch again with my spiritual side.

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