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Sunday, February 8, 2009


I sleep 6 hours during weekdays and 8 hours on weekends and I wonder is that is healthy.

I don't know, I always fight off dozing even when I feel sleepy. Though I am tired at times, if I am watching a nice movie or trying to come up with a good blog post idea, I fight it off.

Maybe because I get more ideas and my mind is active more during late nights. I do my baking, writing, poetries, reading at night and before I know it, time passed by and it's already 1:30 AM, and I have eto get up at 7:30 in the morning so as not to be late for my 8:30 work.

At work, I feel very sleepy after lunchbreak, but of course I cannot let myself give in to the feeling otherwise I would be sleeping the whole day and night 'cause I've been fired from sleeping on the job!

Maybe this exercise became a habit and my body is already adjusted to fighting off sleep. Unless I am really, really sleepy and I can't hardly open my eyes, that's when I give in.

Or maybe when a person is getting older, sleep hours is getting shorter. I remember my Lola (Grandma) she sleeps early and wakes up very early, yet she is active all

Well, so much for that, sleep, they say we spend a big part of our lives sleeping, maybe that's another reason I try to keep awake, 'cause life is very short to sleep it off when there is so much to do.

You think so? (Unless I'd be lying on the bed beside this hunky guy in the picture, I won't mind sleeping early!)

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