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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some Thoughts

If the person doesn’t love you, do not complain, because there are also people who loves you that you don’t, so call it quits.
If you love two persons, pick the second person, because you won’t love another when you really love the first.
It doesn’t mean that if you chat constantly, talk over the phone, go out together or exchange endless SMS messages that you are liked or you’ll end up together. It seems that there are people who are really overfriendly, sweet, flirt or likes to give false hopes.
Sometimes even if you are on schedule, you still have to wait, because you are not the priority.
Do you know how far the distance is between two people who turned their backs from each other? You need to go around the world just to come face to face with the other person you turned your back from again.
It is better to fail in doing something, than to succeed in doing nothing.
Not all that you can understand is the truth, and not all that you cannot fathom is a lie.
Let go of the things that hurt you even though they make you happy. Don’t wait for the day that only pain will remain and happiness has left you.
Love is like a man hole…it is scary to fall in…and when you do, it’s either by accident or you’re just plain stupid.
If you wait for someone to flirt with you, nothing will happen. You also have to flirt.
Don’t let go of the thing that you cannot bear see others holding them.
Don’t hold on to something you know you’ll let go.
Don’t you ever hold on to another when you know you are already holding on to something.
Leave if you’re not happy anymore. There is no cure for being a fool but by taking the initiative.

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