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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ms. Angelina Jolie

Kumusta naman si Angelina Jolie??!! I've always been a fan of this lady. Her portrayal of various characters with sophistication and glamour can really capture one's attention. Don't forget here beautiful face and that famous pouting lips!

But what makes her enigmatic is not really here roles on the screen, but her personal life. Paparazzis go crazt whenever she and her husband of equal stature are in town, not to parade themselves but doing things that not all famous people, like they are do. CHARITY.

Reaching out to people who are in need. They don't care whether they themselves would pick a stone or a hammer and help build a canal, a house, or feed the sick, or play with poor children, or mingle with people who are way below the poverty line.

She whould travel with her family to some unknown thirld world country and try her very best to bring them relief to the best she can. She would donate or seek funds in order to support a campaign to alleviate human suffering.

And she remains humble about it.

I told a friend, I have yet to see Filipino movie stars who do the same. (Maybe there are already.) Or other big, big stars who in their own way share what they have to the world, besides their talent.


  1. that's true! i think mas active nga siya now doing charity work than movies e. naku, asa ka pa sa pinoy celebrities. gusto lang nila sumikat.

  2. hahaah! actually, yan din ang paniwala ko kapatid!
    kaya, nga i am not really fond of our artist eh...unfortunately.

    thank for dropping by Pao.