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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Angel Oracle - Guardian Angel Of Health

I consulted my Angel Oracle, and the Guardian Angel of Health came up. I asked for some guidance today over anything that might need my attention. So, I am told to check my health, or my well-being. It is timely because, I have been planning to go back to working out. I stopped because I went for a month long vacation, and at the same time it's winter here in Saudi Arabia and I am too lazy to work out, I'd rather eat. I eat with gusto, I don't care lately what I eat, all those fats and calories!
It's nice to eat when it's cold. For me anyway. But I need to get back into shape, my tummy is beginning to bulge and I don't like it! Yeah I catch my breath lately whenever I get up a flight of stairs! That is not a good sign!

So starting...no, I should not promise something, I might not keep. I'll just do it!
Stop overeating, and take good, healthy food...hmmm...I wonder what's for dinner?


  1. What's for dinner? Dinuguan at Pochero!!!!! Inggit ka ano? Wala sa Saudi nyan!

  2. is the food in saudi spicy? coz i heard spicy food can help you lose weight. hehe...

    that's the beauty of working out. you get to eat everything you want.

    nice pics by the way!

    i've added you to my blogroll. :)

  3. Loka ka Lyka! Takamin ba ako! PAborit ko pa pareho pinaggit mo! I miss my MOM's Dinuguan!!!!!! Kainis!!!

    Hi Pao, thanks for adding me up! Come visit me often!